Diploma in Nautical Science: Best Course for Merchant Navy

Posted by ranjitsharmanoida on October 3rd, 2017

Attaining a diploma in nautical science is important for your future in the Merchant Navy. Such a diploma provides you with access to helpful and essential resources and the knowledge points you require for a better experience. The course structure of a diploma in nautical science colleges include many that are critical to your general success in the field.

Nautical Charts

You would have to learn about how to read nautical charts in order to get a diploma in nautical science. These include charts that assist you with navigational functions. Information on a global coordinate system may be included in your studies. Such a system could be organized with a design that is easy to support and does not entail materials that may be overly complicated.

Piloting Points

Piloting is another aspect of nautical science to study. You would have to learn about compass readouts, lines of position and currents among other points. The key of such a course is to help you understand how different technical aspects of controlling a vessel are considered.

Celestial Navigation

Celestial navigation refers to how well you are able to identify positions based on the skies. This is for cases where electrical materials or other traditional navigational systems are not functioning properly. A navigation plan such as this would entail looking at the sky, and use the stars, constellations,  movement of winds, etc. to chart a course.

The celestial triangle and points on how to plot celestial data should be included in your studies. Look at how well this could be set up so you will have more control over your ship without being overly complicated.

Sailing Basics

Sailing is critical to your success in nautical science. You must know how to troubleshoot issues relating to a vessel while also understanding the laws relating to piloting a ship. A general study program should include support for handling different materials and surfaces. Information on staffing should also be covered in this part of your studies.

Deck Watchstanding

Deck watchstanding is an important aspect of your studies and should be looked be taught in detail. This refers to how you are analyzing different materials on your ship and how you manage your ship crew. Courses on task delegation and assignments plus safety management should be included.

Individual departments relating to your ship should be covered in the process. Such departments would entail food service, sanitation and sail handling. Crew and ship management are not only about designating work but should include judging time required to complete a task, and setting up processes issues as and when they arise and not when they become critical.

The plans for your diploma in nautical science should be reviewed properly. Look at how well your study program is organized and ensure it covers all the aspects of navigation, ship management and crew operations. This is to help you become the best Merchant Navy officer you can be with the ability to lead your team efficiently when the need at all times.

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