Dog training collar is the most valuable part of your dog training sessions.

Posted by AngeloEverton on May 17th, 2011

 Dog training is done for different purposes –for basic obedience training, for law enforcement, for tricks and entertainment, etc. Whatever the aim of the training, the fact is training becomes easier with a good dog training collar. Dog training collars, which include the dog barking collar, may be the most important part of your dog training sessions. And if you want top quality collars for your training, trust only leading and trusted brands, such as Dogtra.

Dogtra collars have all the features that one would wish for in a typical dog training collar. For one, they are wireless, which makes it more convenient for the trainers. Gone are the days of pulling and tugging at the collar in order to punish the dog for an undesired behavior. Now, with just button, one can deliver a mild, harmless, static shock to the dog to bother him and make him stop doing the undesirable behavior. This instant punishment, as well as its instant removal once the dog has stopped misbehaving, is more effective in correcting the dog’s behavior.

Same is true with dog barking collar. The closer the punishment comes after the behavior, the more it effectively eliminates the undesired behavior (barking). Thus, wireless, self-activating dog barking collars are effective in rectifying the dog’s excessive barking as they automatically disrupt the behavior as soon as barks are sensed. Similar to picking a dog training collar, when choosing a dog barking collar, go for trusted brands, such as SportDog, Innotek, and, of course, Dogtra. These are highly effective and quality is ensured.

One such example of a good dog barking collar is the Dogtra YS300. It is a bark collar used for small dogs. Like the other brands, it is sensitive and specific to dog barks. Moreover, it is wireless, durable, and waterproof, making it ideal for specialized dog training and other training that requires movement and flexibility. However, this Dogtra YS300 has an added feature –it is rechargeable. As such, you save yourself the hassle of buying batteries every time the battery dies.

It is important for a dog training collar, including dog barking collar, to be able to adjust its level of punishment depending on the dog’s progress in learning. For example, it would be unfair for the dog to be punished as hard if its behavior has improved significantly already. Dogtra, for instance, considers this fact. Their collars come with an adjustable level of stimulation that can be changed depending on the dog’s learning. It also has a level “P” stimulation –a vibrate-only setting –that may serve as a “reminder” for the dog after it has learned to behave well.

Dog training collars have been one of the most useful equipment in dog training. That’s why they have been used in the field for a very long time now. It has evolved in its form, from the simple slip collar and prong collar, to the martingale and head halter, and finally to e-collars. Right now, the last group of collars is the best collar out there in the market. They make life easier and more convenient for both pet and master. When buying “disciplinary” collars, such as dog barking collar and dog training collar, research well and look for good brands. So that your money won’t be wasted.

Dog barking collar and dog training collar abound today because of their usability. However, you should only go for top and trusted brands such as what we offer in our website. You want it? We got it! So visit our website now.

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