Do You Want to Buy an Ice Cream Machine? Here?s What You Should Know

Posted by mark taylor on October 5th, 2017

There are different types of frozen desserts, and they are colloquially referred to as "ice cream.”

In some cases, the machine you require to produce them can be different. Since you are associated with this industry, you might know that not all ice cream machines are alike. If you aren’t, you need to become acquainted with the confections and know about the machines before deciding on a purchase.

First of all, make sure whether you want a new or used industrial ice cream machinethen decide the type of ice cream you need to serve. Following are the most common frozen desserts.

  • A sweet, creamy, semisolid frozen treat made of sweetened (Ice cream)
  • Lower-fat ice cream with a high air content (Soft serve)
  • Lower-fat frozen dessert made of yogurt instead of cream (Frozen yogurt)
  • Frozen dessert made of water and fruit, with no dairy product added (Sorbet)

To be precise, most of these foods are not ice-cream. They are frozen desserts, which is similar to ice cream.

Ice Cream Machine Types

  1. Batch Freezer: These are electronic horizontal batch freezers. They are used to produce artisan ice cream. These machines come equipped with an electronic programming board that is operator friendly. The board displays the programs you have selected or the program which is functioning. It also shows the auto-diagnostic status.
  1. Ice Cream / Gelato Starter Package: This can be the right choice if you are a start-up in the field of ice cream businesses, gelaterias, and restaurants. It is also a perfect choice if you want to for R&D laboratories, colleges, cafes or producing high quality, commercial gelato/ice cream.   
  1. Blast Freezer: It’s an electronic freezer, suitable for gelato (Indian word meaning “frozen”) makers and confectioners. It’s very user-friendly, known for better conservation. Its height makes it a flawless product for display.
  1. Frozen Yogurt Machines: A frozen yogurt machine is an excellent option for a low-fat diet. It is considered a healthful choice for weight watchers. Popular since the 1980s, most frozen yogurt is hard like ice cream and is scooped out.

Coming to a conclusion, a variety of ice-cream machine with different features and specifications is available in the market. You can also choose several used industrial ice cream machines. Choosing one which cannot meet your needs is good for nothing. Hence, before making a purchase, know your requirements. Then, buy a machine accordingly. 

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