3 Benefits of Professional Travel Home Rental Services

Posted by Pocketinns Inc. on October 5th, 2017

The service of a professional home rental listings website can be helpful if you are looking for a reasonably priced accommodation for your next holiday or business trip. Home rentals are typically more practical for extended stays, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends, colleagues, or with family. By choosing a professional travel home rental service, you should be able to experience the following benefits:

1.    Safety and security – While you have the option to look for independent vacation homes and landlords, you may be putting yourself at risk of being scammed. Searching for properties through a professional travel home rental service will be more secure as it ensures your safety. Leading vacation property listings websites take time to review and verify their hosts and the properties they own. They offer tools that can make it easier for you to verify the quality, look, and feel of the home you want to rent, too. Take advantage of live scheduled walkthroughs, 360-degree wholesome reviews, and the live sync up feature, which lets you coordinate with the host safely and securely online.

2.    Some professional travel home rental service specialists work with reputable insurance companies, too. That way, they can provide property and liability insurance for managers, guests, and hosts.

3.    Easy ways to compare many different properties – Whether you are staying for only a day or for several days, the service provides options of flexibility of savings and space, while making it easy to compare properties in one go.

4.    Flexible ways to book – A professional travel home rental service may offer flexible booking options, such as instant booking, reverse bidding, and regular booking. Instant booking may be ideal if you are looking for a place to book immediately. It shows you what is currently available and the price, and you can instantly book the place to secure it.  You can use the regular booking platform if you are not in a hurry to travel and you simply want to book in advance.

Reverse bidding lets you set the price range and locations against given filters, and the website comes up with properties that fit your requirements. You can pick two to 10 properties and leave it to the website’s system to randomly select the property that baselines your final price, which will be the final price you will pay before the bidding process. The host will have 12 hours to agree to that price, and you will receive a confirmation if he or she approves. Otherwise, other property owners can bid, and you can get the home rental of the person who initially bid on your price, which you have already paid. If no host bids, the deal expires, and you get a refund.

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