What Kind of Cable Should You Use for Large Main Line Drains?

Posted by Lori Troyer on October 6th, 2017

When you’re in the drain cleaning business, you know your choice of equipment will have a big impact on your work. If you show up with a snake cable that’s too short or too weak, you’re going to waste your customer’s time as well as your own. A customer doesn’t want to hear that you have to come back to do the job because you don’t have the right tools. That’s why it’s important to know what works for specific situations. For instance, if you’re going to be working on a large main line drain, you’re going to want to look into a ¾” x 100’ sewer snake cable.

What exactly makes a ¾” cable perfect for this kind of job? While a ½” cable can easily handle a medium sewer line, the strength and bulk of a ¾” cable is more appropriate to tackle a large main line drain. Duracable offers a few different styles of ¾” sewer snakes. Hollow core, our most popular style, will navigate the pipes the easiest, including going around any bends. An inner core cable is stiffer than hollow core and is best suited for long, straight runs. Where the blockage is in the line and how severe it is can influence which cable you will want to use (personal preference also plays a big part for many technicians). While some main line jobs can be cleared with a 50’ cable, having a 100’ will mean you are more prepared for different sorts of jobs. You want to show up to a job and be sure that your equipment is capable, and a ¾” x 100’ sewer snake cable will get the job done for you.

Why You Should Use DuraFlex Cables
If you want to be really prepared, you’ll want a high quality cable that is known to last. Duracable takes pride in its DuraFlex cables; our cables are made from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high tensile strength wire in different diameters, lengths and flexibilities. You can find a cable of most lengths, diameters and styles from any manufacturer, but you won’t find a cable that matches our quality from anyone else.

DuraFlex cables are made right here in the United States and are delivered in a specialized box that prevents damage from shipping bands that other manufacturers use. Before the cable leaves the building, it is thoroughly tested at every stage of production – before, during and after. If a cable doesn’t meet our standards in strength and durability, we will not sell that cable. Like any other cable we make, our ¾” x 100’ sewer drain snake can be used with our pre-sharpened regular or heavy-duty drain blades (also tested for strength before sale). Our cables can fit many of our competitors’ drain machines, including Ridgid, Spartan, General, and Gorlitz. We’re so confident in the quality of our cables that each one comes with an industry-leading 30-day warrantee. When you buy DuraFlex cables, just remember that you’re buying the best in the market.

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