Solvents which are good at cleaning and used in diverse industries

Posted by Harry on October 6th, 2017

The requirements for chemicals in the industries are met by the service providers. The chemicals serve the purpose of being cleaning agents, and much more. The company was established in the year 1991 by Mr. Farui Zheng. The main aim of the company is to produce chemicals to meet the requirements of the global chemical market. The products include solvents, foaming agents, surfactants etc. The dry cleaning solvent manufactured by the company is non chlorinated and non flammable which makes it ideal for use in the dry cleaning segment. The electronic cleaning market also makes the best use of the foaming agent produced by the company. For the hygienic cleaning of the hospitals equipments and instruments, the solvents made by the company are highly popular in the market.

The chemicals made by the company are highly safe and healthy for use. The solvents have been produced thinking of a better and a healthier future. The products are used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for the cleaning. The professionals of the company are very helpful and they can provide the best answers to the queries of the clients. The products are managed and packaged with proper materials so that the shipping can happen with complete support and confidence.

The n-Propyl Bromide replacement is a solvent which is highly useful in the industrial cleaning market. The products are used for metal degreasing and the results are amazing because the solvent does not leave any residue. The solvent is non chlorinated and non-inflammable too. The rust formation is also prevented when the solvent is regularly used for the cleaning purposes. The product is highly useful in the pharmaceutical industries. The company aims to achieve the customer satisfaction of the highest level and they have been successful in their mission.

Trans-1, 2-Dichloroethylene is a chlorinated solvent which is highly safe and environmentally friendly too. The solvent has been an advantage as compared to the traditional bromide solvents. The solvent is flammable too. Research has proved that the solvent is highly safe and compared to other solvents, the Trans DCE is preferred by the customers.

The company has manufactured products to protect the ozone layer of the planet. The foam blowing agent additive is a pure example of such a product. The company has evolved over the years as one of the best producer of the reliable cleaning solvents in the industry. The company has established a reliable name in the market.

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