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Posted by Black Hills Leather on October 6th, 2017

Gun case is somewhat that you should think about to take care of the gun that you have. You will find that this case will not make the gun is exposed from moisture, prying hands and dirt. You will be capable to make a modest gun case by yourself if you do not want to buy it in the gun shop. The following stages will help you to design leather gun case that for your gun.

The first stage that you should take is to make the sketch of the gun. You should do this step appropriately in order to get the accurate outline so that you can design anaccurate case. You can make 4-inch allowance to every portion of the gun to offer extra inch. Also, you should give additional inch on the right side of the gun. After you have completed with the outline, you can cut the outline.

The additional step is to place the patter that you have made beside the leather that you have ready before. Then, you should make a copy of sketch in the both side of the leather. You can do it by using a design pen. The third step is to cut the leather that you have striking with cutting kits. But, you have to be sure the spiteful stays outside the border. After that, you have to match the cutting leather for every border. Make sure that the boundaries up to one another.

The next step is to get it comfy fit by persistent down the leather. You must control the margin of the case before quantifying it from the top corner to the bottom corner. This is done to know the amount of breaks that you need. You can do it by separating the dimension by two. If you find that the result is a frictional number, you should adjust the space of the snaps. In this case, you have to make sure that the space is smaller than 2 inches. Then, you can use pencil to mark the spot where the snaps will go.

The following step is to set the snaps of the case. You can start from the lowest corner. Make sure that you set all the cracks needed so that you can have excessive case for your gun. The last step is to make the case neat. To do this, you should cut any snap boundaries so that it will look nice. And, the case that you need for your Gun Leather is ready.

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