Maintaining Your Pup?s Million Dollar Smile

Posted by headsupfortails on October 6th, 2017

When taking care of our dogs, oral health is one of the most crucial areas that we need to keep monitoring. Our faithful friends can face a lot of pain and discomfort if dental problems arise, so just like we do for humans, constant checking and cleaning is the only way to ensure the pups have good teeth and healthy gums. Periodontal diseases set in as the dog grows older, usually by the time your pet is around 3 years old, and it is prudent to start looking out for signs.

Your pup’s breath is a good indicator of oral health – of course, you are not expecting rose and lavender fragrances coming out of your dog, but it shouldn’t be bad enough to make you wonder what your pet has been eating. This is a bad sign and can mean infections and possible tooth loss. With a certain preventive approach to pet care you can ensure that this scenario does not occur.

Brushing Doggy’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth is a good way to maintain healthy teeth. Maybe not daily, but regular brushing will certainly reduce plaque build-up and keep gums healthy. Pick up a special toothbrush for pets for this; remember the angles and shapes you have to contend with means it’s not like brushing your own teeth. Make sure you are using toothpaste for dogs and not regular human products, the ingredients in human products can be very harmful to a dog. Also the doggy toothpaste tends to come in doggy-friendly flavours.

Wipes and Solutions

Another way of cleaning your dog’s teeth is using pet dental wipes. Use these from a young age so they are comfortable with it. Old Rover will be more comfortable and tolerant once he gets used to it, so it is just a matter of doing it more often. Wipes are also convenient to use compared to toothpaste. A dog dental solution can also help in removing tartar and keeping your dog’s mouth fresh and free from bacteria. The solution is added to your pet’s drinking water, thereby making it a non-intrusive method for oral hygiene.

Chewies and Treats

Specially formulated chews for dogs are another important part of the canine oral health routine. Dogs enjoy these products as treats while they are also promoting gum and teeth health. Chews help in reducing plaque and removing stuck soft food particles between a dog’s teeth. The best part about the chewie treats is that there are lots of flavours and shapes to choose from, so you can keep your dog interested at all times. Chewing toys are also designed to clean dog teeth, and these are fun for pups and older citizens alike.

Vet Knows Best

Sometimes you need to reach out to an expert. There will be times when despite your best effort, your dog is still exhibiting symptoms of periodontal diseases, and to ensure that he or she is comfortable, a visit to the vet might be the solution.

Things to Look Out

Avoiding starchy food is a good start. Sugar-heavy carbs are not an important part of canine diet, too much of this is an invitation to dental problems. Hydration is another important aspect when it comes to good dental health. Make sure your dog is drinking enough water; a dry mouth can lead to infections and sores.

There are many products available now that will help you stay on top of your dog’s dental situations. Be a responsible human to your pet, maintain a routine of constant checks and give him healthy treats. Healthy gums and strong teeth are signs of a healthy dog and will ensure a better and more comfortable lifestyle for this integral member of your family.

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