Know this before buying an electric bicycle conversion kit

Posted by Magnum Bikes on October 6th, 2017

It is important to make a good informed decision when you have to buy a conversion kit for an electric bicycle. Approaching the very idea of making this purchase needs a bit of research so that you know exactly what you should be looking at.

1. Understanding the very terminology surrounding an electric bicycle conversion kit

The very idea of a conversion kit is not enough for deciding whether you should get one or not. There can be a multitude confusing terms that may leave you clueless about the purchase that you want to make. There can be an electric bike motor or a gas powered kit or there could also be a bicycle engine kit. Remember that the key word here is “electric bicycle conversion kit” and that is exactly what you should be looking for.

2. The basics of a conversion kit

Little details like the motor, battery and console form the core elements of a conversion kit. You should learn about them in detail if you are looking forward to fully understand their individual functionality.

3. Deciding what is best

In order to make the final decision, you need to be thoroughly informed about the rest of the details as stated above. Keeping in mind simple points like your budget, to begin with, would turn out to be extremely helpful. Ask yourself the key questions like how far would you take the bicycle for a single trip, the kind of terrain you plan to cover, does the bike fit you nicely? There can be a lot more other details to keep in mind before you can decide which conversion kit you need to opt for. You can also adapt to special styles as per your requirement and preferences.

You can also look for pre-built electric bikes and that is the reason why you should be well prepared with the different questions that you need to ask in order to arrive at a conclusion regarding what is better for you and what you really need, a conversion kit or a pre-built electric bike.

In order to learn if the kits are going to work better, you should know the following:
a- You don’t have to worry about additional weight as only 16 to 20 lbs would be added, which is quite light.
b - Folding, track or any other style of bike can be adapted.
c - You also get to keep the bike that you already own.

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