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Posted by MdImran on October 7th, 2017

Many people have become well-known, or even famous, because of their YouTube videos.Depending on your account and how it is done, this can violate YouTube's Terms of Service and risk the termination of your account.Like any slightly sketchy internet service, it also comes with the risk of being scammed.Choose a provider which guarantees your video won't be removed or your account won't be banned. The best services will offer the following characteristics, some will even offer a money back guarantee:

High retention views: this means the users watch the entire video or at least most part of it. If you buy a lot of views that only watch the first 5 seconds of your video then YouTube may consider your video as something that is boring or uninteresting and they will show your video less in the YouTube search results & recommended videos.Non mobile only views: in the past some users and services have abused of this kind of views causing banned accounts and removed videos.Drip Feed views: it means the views for the video will increase slowly but steady so it looks natural to YouTube.Mixing your views with extra likes, comments and subscriptions: this will make the growth in viewership seem more natural.

There are a variety of companies that offer this service at different rates. Choose a reliable company and do your research to find out which one fits your budget, and read up on reviews and customer experiences to avoid getting scammed. Look for services that offer world wide views and do not just provide views from third world countries as that may cause suspicion. Never give the company or website your YouTube password. No company should ever need this to increase your views.

Real YouTube views boost your online presence. If you buy real and cheap YouTube views, it helps you to increase your popularity on the internet. This is crucial because the number of videos competing for people's eyeballs is astonishing. It means that for you to make any significant impact on YouTube, your Video should be among the top videos on the first page.

YouTube works exactly like Google search in that there are SEO algorithms that define which video should rank first and which should not. To succeed in YouTube; therefore, you need to apply SEO optimizing strategies to rank higher. If you depend on that alone, it might take you a lot of time to get results.

Everyone starts from somewhere. Others start from scratch and take long to attract views (if ever they will be able) while others start by buying real YouTube views and give them the momentum. You need to become more proactive by trying our views, whether you have just created the video, or it has been live for some time without any positive results.

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