How to Retain Good Restaurant Employees

Posted by alisha on October 9th, 2017

The human resource aspect is very important in business. Although technology has been introduced into business and takes operations to another level you need people to interact with the technology. The people you employ in your business determine how efficiently your business runs. Sometimes attracting and retaining good employees can be a daunting task.

A high turnover of employees in your restaurant might be bad for business. A successful business thrives on loyal employees who are keen to grow with the restaurant. Losing old employees on a frequent basis slows down business as you have to train new employees. High employee turnover interferes with business continuity.

So how can you minimize employee turnover in your restaurant?

Hire the Right People

The first secret in attracting and retaining good restaurant employees lies in hiring the right people. Select employees on the strength of their training and experience. An employee with a good background in restaurant management is a strong candidate. But skills and experience only might not be enough to grant that an employee is loyal to your restaurant. Look for candidates whose attitudes are positive and can be relied upon.

The candidates should be optimistic and enthusiastic about the hotel industry but not overly ambitious. Over ambitious employees are not always they best as they tend to look for greener Pasteur most of the time. This means that they will not settle in one place and are likely to move away from your restaurant. The candidates’ employment history will help you determine if they tend to change jobs frequently. Finally, always talk to references to get first-hand information about the character and abilities of the candidate you are about to hire.

Offer Training Opportunities

The industry is always changing and there are always new ways of doing things. Employees feel appreciated when you offer them training opportunities. They are motivated by the simple fact that you care about their all-round welfare.

If there is industry training, purpose to send your employees so that they keep abreast with new technology. For instance, if there is a new restaurant software in the market that would make your restaurant business operations more efficient, consider training your employees on the same.

Encourage Communication and Feedback

Employees appreciate openness and better communication with managers and leaders. It is important to ask employees for their thoughts, comments and concerns so that they feel part of the decision making process. Where the employees feel aggrieved yet there is poor communication, the turn-over is high.

Create clear channels of communication and appreciate feedback from employee whether positive or negative with victimizing the staff. Where problems and concerns are raised offer tangible solutions.

Appreciate Your Employees

The other secret of curbing high employee turn-over is in appreciating the good work your restaurant employees are doing. There are various ways of showing your appreciation from bonuses, to gifts, to reward letters and so on. Employees who are appreciated by their employers tend to be more motivated and will less likely think of changing employment.

Provide a good working environment for employees and they will likely stay in their jobs. Make use of restaurant software to improve efficiency.

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