How Foxconn Aims To Transform Wisconsin Ginseng Farms Production?

Posted by Jack Kason on October 9th, 2017

Ginseng, a part of materia medica of Chinese herbal medicine, is valued for it’s remarkable therapeutic benefits for at least 7,000 years. It was so revered that wars were fought to take over the control of the forests in which it thrived. Such is it’s significance!

Wisconsin Ginseng - Why it is called as the King of Herbs?

American Ginseng is the treasure of Wisconsin. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, American ginseng strengthens the Yin energy, augments stamina, resistance and calms the spirit. Moreover, one can ward off symptoms such as common cold, boosts energy levels in cancer patients, and reduce blood sugar in diabetes patients.

Ginseng root has earned it’s reputation due to the presence of high levels of ‘ginsenocide’, the proactive ingredient used in teas, cooking meals, crushed into pill form or used as part of a medicinal concoction.

It is seen that incorporating herbal medicine like ginseng into our medical needs can help us alleviate the need for drugs. And by doing so, one can become healthier and more in sync with living a Low Density Lifestyle.

There is no better place in the country like US than the Wisconsin to grow Panax Quinquefolius - it’s pureness is well known. As per the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, US exports of the root in 2016 topped out at  million and 98 percent of the product sent overseas comes from Wisconsin.

Apple and ginseng has something in common - Foxconn

Just like any other industry, the dynamics of the ginseng market is witnessing a change. The demands are deviating, especially with the millinials.

Tech biggie, Foxconn, recently signed a letter of intent with the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, with an aim of working together to promote Wisconsin ginseng to untapped, overseas markets. Not only it’s target is to meet the magnanimous worldwide demand but also to get rid of potential hurdles, namely, volatile prices, land availability, labor shortages and the need for specialized equipment.

Market analysts reckons, it is a great opportunity for Foxconn to add to Wisconsin ginseng promotional and hopefully technological expertise to help it return to glory.

Terry Gou, the CEO of Foxconn is trying to modernize the product for a new generation and help Wisconsin ginseng farms to gain better understanding of the global market and tailor products to reach metamorphic clients.

Where To Buy American Ginseng?

With improvement at all levels, online stores vouches for a premium quality and a colossal range - bullet, short, half short and long, tea, capsule and powdered form. Also, the prices are much low. Checkout the catalog today!

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