Building an Image with a Logo

Posted by dwspriya on May 27th, 2011

A company can build its image over time. The branding or ‘corporate image’ of a company is what provides the perceived company image to the customer. The concept of a  logo is different since it will provide the customer a ‘visual image’ to relate to in reference to the company. The brand and logo together are what help to identify the company. It is the responsibility of the company to stand behind its brand.

The logo is part of  the company brand as a whole . The company creates its brand and the customers will relate to the ‘corporate  image’ of the company based on their individual experiences. The customer will often link the logo to the brand especially if he or she has had positive experiences with the company. The first impression is based on the recognition of the logo and then the customer learns about the company according to its branding practices.

The logo is the first step in the process of introducing a customer to the company. It is because of this first  interaction that having a logo plays a big part in the success of the company. Whenever a logo becomes recognizable, the company has to stand behind it as a part of its overall marketing plan. The customer will determine in the long run if the company is providing a good service/ product. The satisfaction of the customer will depend on whether or not he or she returns for future purchases/ service.

The company can build its image over time. The company has to gain the trust of the customer first and then live up to its offer. The idea of building an image is also based on the competition present. The customer can go elsewhere if they associate the company logo with bad service. The company has to strive to keep its products and services up to par constantly. It will experience many highs and lows based on consumer opinion, satisfaction and reliability. The consumer is in the driver’s seat and the company has to always keep that in mind.

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