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Posted by Barry allen on October 9th, 2017

Water quality everywhere is not the same, and certain measures have to be correctly applied/installed in order to get clear water, worth consumption or for other uses. Freshwater and marine aquariums regularly use Algone, for a variety of basic purposes that include -;

- To correct nutrient imbalances in water and prevent cloudiness

- To clarify dissolved organic and inorganic pollutants, toxins and odor

-Removes nitrate and ammonia, to break down protein, carbohydrates and metabolic waste into insoluble complex structures.

Algone - water clarifier and nitrate remover, is essential to maintain the natural balance in reefs and plant safe trace elements, home to a variety of plants, corals and other living organisms.

Algone Water Clarifier and Nitrate Remover

Dealing with Aquarium Algae - Not the chemical way!

While chemicals may be very useful in destroying algae in water, in the long-term they worsen the conditions in the aquarium. Dead algae increases the amount of organic waste lying in the aquarium, resulting in an increase in the nitrate levels. More nitrate levels again will promote the growth of more algae in the tank/aquarium, meaning the vicious cycle cannot be stopped simply by spewing in chemicals.

Algae is clearly a symptom, whereas the real cause is the amount of Nitrate - that promotes the growth of algae and other toxic material. To successfully deal with the problem - controlling the whole environment gets more important, than trying to control algae growth - which is close to impossible. Algae growth relies on water and light, as well as other contributing factors such as: nitrates, organic and inorganic pollutants, phosphates, silicates, and iron. Since eliminating water from the aquarium is not an option, light and contributing factors must be controlled and adjusted.

Controlling the nitrate levels is the only way to control the growth of Algae in the aquarium, otherwise the circumstantial growth will be visible every now and then!

Steps to control the nitrate levels -

1 - Perform regular water changes

2 - Do not overfeed

3 - Do not over stock

4 - Use an effective nitrate remover, if needed (as the last resort)

How ALGONE helps?

Algone helps in prevention against many frustrating problems, that include promoting plant growth by enhancing the dissolved oxygen, to, addressing issues most commonly associated with deteriorating water quality and accumulating waste, pollutants, toxins and much more. Moreover, Algone treats the water for nitrogen compounds without taking away any vital nutrient from the present, coralline algae, such as, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, etc.

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid blogger, this article specifically talks about Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate Control - ALGONE solutions to treat aquariums.

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