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Posted by JessicaBeak on October 9th, 2017

Today’s most of the people face the check fraud with them and the main problem only a few people knew to counter this check fraud. So, the people must use the check fraud prevention tool to capture the check frauds. The eBank Discovery is the preferable tool to counter the check frauds develop by the ASV technologies. It is compatible to run on the windows 8 at home as well as in offices. The eBank Discovery can review the check images in few minutes whether the check is a duplicate, counterfeit, or fraud. Check fraud is the most popular method to stolen money. The eBank Discovery makes you sure about the check you have is original and not alternation or duplicate.

Introduction of eBank DISCOVERY

eBank Discovery offers you many features to check fraud prevention. Many people having this problem while they dealing with checks. To prevent you from the check frauds, eBank Discovery verified your both biometric and forensic signatures. Both verifications are needed to give you the best result and give you high performance. While anybody doing the biometric verification. It captures the real-time signing movement and the style that always used by the individual. Forensic signature verification has identified the differences in the size, curves, and flairs in the sample signature and the verified signature in the eBank Discovery database.

Benefits of eBank Discovery

  • Avoid check frauds and start increasing your profits
  • It will help you to get the trust of customers and increase brand loyalty
  • IT saves time and resources by its automated process.
  • Reduces the burden of administrative department for finding and filing the check fraud cases.
  • The signature database can be used at ATMs, and teller or elsewhere to verify your identity.

Features offered by eBank Discovery

  • Check Authorization
  • eBankACH
  • Lost checks and Sleep Accounts
  • Quick find counterfeit checks
  • Counter Check fraud
  • Powerful Analytics and Analysis

How to start with eBank Discovery
To start the use of eBank Discovery, the customer has two methods by which they can successfully able to use it.

Method 1. In House

  • Maintain the servers in-house along with the installed tools
  • Run the software on the server
  • Server will show the result

Note: It requires daily maintenance but provides you quick results.

Method 2. Outsource

  • Customer needs to send the check pictures to 3rd party server partner
  • Software runs on 3rd party server
  • Customer can see the result on third-party server

Note: It doesn’t require any maintenance but the result not instant as the result time varies in it.

eBank Discovery is very simple and easy to install. There is no need to learn it or any advanced asset, and minimum technical specifications. To start with the eBank Discovery all you need is Windows 8 and Microsoft SQL server. Also, you can start with the Windows 7 and SQL server 2008 along with standard internet protocols.

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