5 Exquisite Styles of Mangalsutras in Different Indian Culture

Posted by Porsha on October 10th, 2017

Marriage is an eternal relationship that symbolizes commitment and bonding of two people who are going to spend their whole life together. From modern weddings to traditional Indian weddings, mangalsutras is an integral part of marriages. Mangalsutra is a thread that is generally worn by married Hindu women and it’s a part of their culture from hundreds of years. It is also believed that managalsutra safeguards the couple from evil energies and brings happiness and joy in their life. As we know, India is an amalgamation of different cultures, tradition and religion so let’s take a look at mangalsutras styles in various cultures of India.

Kashmiri Mangalsutra (Dijhor)

Kashmiri Mangalsutra also known as Dijhor is a very intriguing form of mangalsutra. These mangalsutras are earrings that are actually made up of gold woven in red thread. During the wedding, parents give the earrings to the Kashmiri brides. The gold chain is then switched with a red thread when she goes to her husband house after the marriage.

Tamil Mangalsutra (Thaali Kodi)

The Tamil mangalsutra commonly known as thaali denotes Hindu marriage just like wedding bands symbolizes commitment, respect love and love for each other. In a Tamilian wedding, the groom puts “Thaali” on bride on “Mangal Dharanam” ceremony. In Tamilian culture, “thali” is also known as Mangalyam, Thirumangalayam, Kode and  Thaaly.

Kerela Mangalsutra (Minnu)

In Kerala, Christians call the mangalsutra “Minnu” and Hindus call it “Thaali”. Christian wears minnu, which is a pendant with a cross that symbolizes Christianity on a beautiful gold medallion that is shaped like a heart. The heart represents the idea of love while the cross denotes the relationship that groom and bride must follow. The minnu goes throughout the seven strand of thread and seven strands symbolize the groom, the bride, the church and the couple’s parents.

Gujarati Mangalsutra

In Gujarat, a bride wears a traditional kind of magalsutra that is made up of black beads and a beautiful gold pendant.  In Gujarati culture, brides also wear a nose stud to show their marital status. Today, most of the people are going for a diamond pendant with a small chain.

Bihari Mangalsutra (Taagpaag)

In Bihari culture, the mangalsutra is known as Taagpaag. Taapag is basically black beaded chain in which you can put any type of pendants. In Bihar, women also wear toe ring, which called “bichwa” as it is also a symbol of marriage.

Sindhi Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is a crucial role in the Sindhi culture. The magalsutra is made up of gold and black beaded chain with a pendant.  These mangalsutra can also be customized according to the choice of bride and groom.


As conversed in the article these are some beautiful styles of mangalsutra that are worn in Indian culture.  So, if you are going get married soon and looking for some online Mangalsutras then you can go for any of these styles that go with your culture, choice and personality. There are many websites that sell online mangalsutras and women bracelets, so choose the most credible website that can give the perfect mangalsutra for your special day.

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