Exploring 3 Common Pieces of Restaurant Cooking Equipment

Posted by Joseph Rubino on October 10th, 2017

If you are an aspiring restaurateur, it can be hard to find some of the information that is taken for granted by more experienced restaurant owners. Information about things as staple as Restaurant Cooking Equipment  can sometimes be hard to locate in a way that explores the basics for those who have yet to open and run a restaurant. The restaurant business is lucrative, fast paced, and competitive, so it’s understandable that shrewd businesspeople would hope to enter the industry, but not everyone has connections with veteran restaurateurs. This article will teach the basic information of some of the foundational tools of the kitchen, to help worthy entrepreneurs begin their journey to restaurant success.

1. The Grill
The grill is a core component in any restaurant. Designed to cook multiple dishes (or portions of dishes) at once, grills tend to come in two major forms: the char broiler and the flat-top (or griddle.) Char broilers use a flame beneath a metal grill to cook dishes. This results in the smoky, charred flavor associated with foods cooked on smaller, outdoor grills. Char broilers are ideal for meat, fish, kebabs, and whole vegetables. The flat-top/griddle is comprised of a flat, smooth cooking surface that heats and allows many ingredients to be placed across it. Griddles are fantastic for things like eggs, bread, pancakes, and burger patties.

2. The Pizza Oven
If your restaurant will be serving pizzas, a pizza oven, understandably, will be an absolutely essential piece of restaurant cooking equipment. There are a number of styles of pizza oven, from convection, to jet air, to wood fire. While there is significant difference in the setup of these ovens, their basic function is the same. They provide all-around heat to cook pizza dough, melt cheese, and provide the iconic texture that has made pizza famous. All pizza ovens have a surface for the pie to sit on which ensures that the bottom of the pie is cooked and not just the top. Many ovens use pre-heated pizza stones for just this reason; cooking the pizza all around without excessively charring it can be otherwise challenging.

3. Fryer
Fryers come in multiple configurations, but the basic function of all fryers is to consistently keep oil at a particular temperature. Most fryers do this by having an oil reservoir that applies heat to bring the oil to a consistent temperature into which resilient baskets full of food to be fried can be dipped into. Fryers have various ways of securing the baskets so the ingredients remain in the oil, whether a simple lock, or a hooking mechanism. Fryers are core to many restaurants because many oils are very volatile after reaching certain temperatures. A fryer is designed to keep oil at a consistent temperature that will not risk ignition or smoking.

While these are only three of the core pieces of restaurant cooking equipment, they are the ones most likely to be taken for granted by those who know the ropes of the kitchen from years of kitchen work. If you’re approaching the restaurant business for the first time, you should now have a basic idea of what makes each piece of equipment important. From here, the road to mastery is just one of continual exploration, experience, and an open mind. You won’t be going into the dark, unprepared, though, as you now know three of the most important tools in a professional kitchen environment.

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