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Posted by Michael009 on October 10th, 2017

Which Decompression table is right for your practice, at your organization, or at home? The answer to this usually involves a lot of brain-trotting comparing the various features, price, warranty/guaranty availability, repair cost and maintenance of the high-end decompression table. Enriched with multiple safety features, a smart response technology, and a state-of-the-art software, spinal decompression tables have no comparison, with unmatched versatility and increased effectiveness, and, the introduction of new spinal decompression table parts available on sale. But you always make spinal decompression table comparison online to find the best deal.

How do DOC Lumbar/Cervical Tables make life easier for patients -

High end spinal decompression tables have a digital command center that makes it easier for patients to take control, on elevation, lumbar flexion and, lumbar extension. The color screen has a built-in disc angle level indicator that allows patients to target specific vertebral discs, meaning effective treatment without the tenacity of sitting in long-queues in massage centers or physiotherapy centers.

Secondly, the procedure to treat patients by providing DOC compression table therapy, is a non-surgical method called nonsurgical decompression therapy (contrary to surgical spinal decompression). The cost of any health care procedure should be based on the price of the technology and the doctor’s experience, a spinal decompression table, on that note, is priced fairly and reasonably, considering they also provide easy financing options to the corporate or individual household customer.

Various pre-programmed decompression protocols allows the table to treat a wide variety of patients, thus becoming a popular choice for many professionals at risk of health failure, at the expense of busy schedules and regular work-load, leading to prolonged pain in the vertebrae.

What about Safety?

Patient’s safety always comes first, for being technologically advanced also amounts for being technologically responsible towards the security and safety of the probable customers, or diagnosed patients. Every table includes a special, patient safety switch, which makes it very easy for patients to stop the therapy in case of a loo-break, spasm, coughing, pain, or any other discomfort.

Custom parts to suit your every need

Comfortable forehead straps, head cushions, neck cushions and knee pillows are available to provide patients with that extra-care they require while getting the treatment. Extra DOC-patient safety switches, thoracic and lumbar harnesses (for overweight patients) are also available separately, so as to accommodate various type of individuals easily.

Low payment, 100% financing and easier terms and conditions allow you to avail your alternative to surgical and chemical treatment, easily, for that nursing spinal condition.

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