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Posted by atvparts on October 10th, 2017

An all terrain vehicle (ATV), also called a quad bike, is a vehicle with low-pressure tires and handlebars for steering control. As the name suggests, the vehicle is multipurpose and can be used on a variety of terrains. Although street-legal in a majority of countries, some countries like Australia and Canada have made it illegal to drive your ATV on the regular streets.

Uses - These ATVs are used in many different industries for their maneuverability and off-road qualities. These include - border patrolling, construction, emergency medical services, land management, mineral and oil exploration, small-scale forestry, search parties, surveying, and, wild land fire control.

Other Competitive Use - Apart from the utilities, ATVs can also be used for racing disciplines such as motor-cross racing, desert racing, hill racing, ice racing, flat track races and drag racing etc. Sport models are very different from those regular all terrain vehicles, such as ATVs have cylinder heads. ATVs cylinder heads are especially fitted to boost the performance of a racer, in a competition and focuses more on speed and style, rather than utility.

Things To Keep In Check - For Quality Off-Road Experience
In order to increase the performance of your ATV, and keep it in the perfect off-road condition, the vehicle should be checked for the following things, at regular intervals; Getting to know every part is important -;

1 - Air Filters are the breathing inlet for the motor. If the air filter gets clogged, the amount of air is reduced and the machine will run raw. This means more fuel, than air is entering the engine and you stand a chance of fouling the spark plug. Hence it is essential to check that your air filter is properly fitted and seated, without any leakage.

2 - Fine Tuning the ride position comes second, the placement of the ATV clutch parts, handlebars and brake levers on every machine, are manually way out of whack. New ATV owners should especially understand the importance of stabilizing the controls, loosen the brake and clutch levers slightly, and adjust the controls - to one’s own liking.

3 - To ensure smooth rendition and a comfortable journey, oiling the air filter, checking the axle nut and prepping up the shocks are the last few pointers to keep in mind! Checking for wearing out shocks, and get new ATV shocks for sale online, to get timely replacement before commencement of a ride or journey are all essential to a successful riding experience.

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid blogger and, this article is about All-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

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