Sustained Call Centers - How it works?

Posted by John Mathew on October 10th, 2017

Companies often use call-centers for direct marketing of their product or service. Through a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, agents (responsible for answering calls) respond to customer distress calls, queries and complaints. An automatic call distributor helps customers to call and interact with the company’s agents, giving reviews and feedback after availing the product or service given by the organization.

From advisory roles to assisting in sales activity, call centers offer communication post the purchase of a product or after availing the services in hand. The type of call center - whether Inbound, Outbound or mixed define the type of calling undertaken there by the agents and the company.

Where an outbound call center proactively makes calls; an inbound call center is just required to respond to phone calls, that are usually queries from the customers.

Inbound call centers in Michigan are offering more jobs than before - know why?

Michigan call center jobs are on the rise as companies redirect customer queries and are inching to a higher spot in the corporate food chain - that is providing significant number of new local jobs. The reason being, places like Philippines and India are no longer considered fruitful for outsourcing as it doesn’t make any sense to weaken the opportunity locally, while providing a boom in the overseas market. The turn of events, have now resulted in more than 1300 jobs in Michigan itself, giving tough competition to big overseas firms.

Why Outsourcing is shifting gears?

At a time when the customer is spoilt for choice, efficient call center services are a make-or-break factor for all businesses. Successful organizations have long-ago realized that call center outsourcing in companies, is a cost-effective option and promotes customer satisfaction and retention.

Benefits of Outsourcing -

1. Focus on Core competency
2. Provision of consistent high quality customer experience
3. Reduce the cost of operations (by at least 30%)
4. Eliminates the stress of recruiting, hiring, training and managing employees (useful for start-ups)
5. Faster ramp-up, launch and roll-out of new products

Earlier, Malaysia, India and Philippines were the go-to markets for outsourcing call center services, but now more and more people are outsourcing to Michigan, than to India and other Asian markets.

Here is why -

The typical tale of Indian and Asian firms falling short of the exacting standards citing delays, low quality of work than what was required, and a need for high degree of management oversight. All the factors contributed to the shift in outsourcing away from Asia, to America, along with some alteration in industrial and corporate policies after Donald Trump took over as the 45th President of the United States.

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