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Posted by harryjoy on October 10th, 2017

Love premium quality mason rings? Can’t find them on the street collections, or on pawn shops? Now you can get the best stainless steel masonic rings online. With over 20 different styles and designs to choose from, your kind of masonic ring, won’t be a hard task to find.

Various Measurement Types of Popular Rings -

1 - Blue Lodge Stainless Steel Ring 10MM (.00)
2 - Blue Lodge Stainless Steel Ring 8MM (.00)
3 - Blue Lodge Stainless Steel Ring 9.75MM (.00)
4 - Blue Lodge Stainless Steel Ring 12MM (.00)
5 - Past Master Stainless Steel Ring 10MM (.00)
6 - Past Master Stainless Steel Ring 8MM (.00)
7 - Gold Finish Stainless Steel Ring (.00)
8 - Silver Finish Stainless Steel Ring (.00)
9 - Square & Compass Tungsten Ring (.99)

The History Behind Masonic Rings -
Usually, buying or collecting Mason/Masonic rings will mean you are a member of the Freemasons, a group that marks its existence from the early 18th century (around 1717), but some claim to be directly associated even before in time, with the ancient Egyptians. The tools that make up the symbols of the Freemasons, also imprinted on every stainless steel Masonic Ring include, the square, lever, plumb, etc. These were the various working tools used in the many different ‘crafts’, the masons were associated with. Freemasonry still exists at many places around the world, where members today are said to be of the ‘craft’, giving out many levels of status to the members, for the members to work their way through!

In the past era, these signet masonic rings were offered to high ranking church officials, bishops, popes and dignitaries to Roman emperors, as the official seal, to confirm having met or visited the authentic owner, who always would have been a figure of great importance, considering his authority to grant such masonic rings. In simpler words, the wearer of such rings, is not only true to his sayings and preaching, but symbolizes his power in the community.

Originally only worn by royalty, religious officials and noblemen, as time passed, tradesmen and merchants, too began wearing these rings. While masonic rings were lavishly decorated with precious metals, rich enamels and gems of every color and facet, the tradesmen and merchants’ later had their rings customized, with logos and mottos cut into them.

Why Stainless steel rings?
Stainless steel is a highly durable metal, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities, which can otherwise damage a ring. An invisible layer of chromium will ensure you wear the ring, and flaunt without a hint of scratch or corrosion, even after months and years.

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid blogger and the article was about stainless steel masonic rings and the history behind masons wearing it.

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