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Posted by tiedinmedia on October 10th, 2017

TiedIn Media realizes the importance of social media in today’s society. Social media is now a vital aspect of communicating with your customers and of driving interactivity. We have the experience and capability to create, manage, and drive your business’ social media sites keeping you tied in with your customers.

Facebook microTargeting

Facebook micro Targeting uses known clients as a basis for constructing predictive models that recognize prospective customers. We use modeling of offline data to map demographic and psychographic variables to places where Facebook users could be targeted. The model scores help us prioritize where Facebook campaigns are going to be most successful.

Right Prospects: Identify the right prospective profile by appending Semcasting’s demographic targeting of more than 750 variables and developing a look-alike to your current clients.

Right Place: Prioritize targeting of the very best prospects in the geographies where they have been most probably to be on Facebook.

Proper Time: Organize your campaign in order to allow you to send messages on the particular days or times when your target group will be receptive to your pitch.

Cost Per Like Campaign

TiedIn Media has the capacity to obtain more likes for their clients’ Facebook page. We have a “cost per download” or “cost per like” pricing structure where we charge your customers only for competent users. They are then able obtain these results in real time! The Price Per Like report we’re able to send you weekly (or more often if necessary) will include:

• Daily perceptions • Daily clicks • Daily CTR • Daily “Enjoys” • Daily spend

Social Activity


There are few media environments in which a brand can tell a story that will lead to the reconsideration of how marketing is delivered and received.

Our Social Sponsorships capture greater consciousness, which displays and drives intention. We prioritize sharing in order to reinforce the ties of community across various platforms.

Reach and Frequency

250 million users performing 1.5 billion activities monthly


Outperforms Display 11X and Rich Media 2X drives created media with above average standards, including 2.1% share rate, 2.0% interaction rate, and 1.4% CTR

Brand Favorability

Deliver your message when consumers are engaged and thinking about your brand. This enriches an individual experience as opposed to interrupting it.

Social Sponsorship & Branded Community Options

TiedIn Media creates branded communities that speak to an online audience. Utilizing our partner networks and distribution relationships we are able to reach consumers irrespective of where they have been!

Standalone communities designed for a brand name

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