The Negatives of a Poor Banner Design

Posted by dwspriya on May 30th, 2011

There are a number of reasons why one should look into the proper design of the flash banner. Most of the flash banner designs usually have a goal in mind, and the poor design of the banner usually leads to the poor success of the banner design. In most scenarios the goal of the banner might be to attract the customers to a given web site, but the follow-up on the visiting of the site might be the fundamental purpose of designing the banner.

The first impact of a poorly designed banner is low traffic to the site. One of the reasons that the banner is developed to be eye catching is to attract the traffic visiting a given site by either convincing the browser or attracting their curiosity. If the design of the banner fails to grab the attention of the browser, then the overall effect is low recorded traffic to the site. Depending on the reason one is attracting traffic to their site using the banner, the results of low traffic might be blamed on the design.

Usually search engines rate certain websites, though in some cases the search engines are paid for that reason, lots of the websites are promoted by the high traffic that visits the sites. The flash banner might be used as a way to increase the ratings of a given website or web page and the poor design of the banner thus lead to loss of traffic hence lower rating by the search engine and this will lower the possibility of the browsers visiting ones websites since a search on a given key phrase will usually result to the higher rated sites having much attention as opposed to the less rated sites.

The ultimate effect of a poor banner is the loss of resources, both in time and finance. Usually for the banner to work it will have to be redone and this means that the owner will pay another expert in the flash banner design as well as wait for extra time to have the design completed and delivered for use.

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