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Posted by dwslenin on May 30th, 2011

Business cards are more varied than ever, and a business owner or freelance professional can get the most out of their promotional efforts with well made cards. There is no limit to the styles available today, and many people do their best to make the most eye catching and creative card out there. What type of business card design options are there available today? There are some styles that are tried and true -- they lie in the standard paper card with a simple design and a person or business's name and contact information on the front. Some have additional information on the back. Paper cards are the most widespread and most affordable for those ordering them, making them a popular choice. They are also highly customizable -- though they do not last very long.

Business cards made of plastic are slowly overcoming those made of paper because they have a longer life once they have entered the hands of a potential client. They last much longer than paper, are thicker and hence are noticed more easily, and they have a more professional and stylish feel than paper styles. Plastic cards are more expensive, but many business owners find the extra expense worth the promotional power behind them. There are also eco-friendly plastic options made of recycled plastic, or from plastic-like materials that are biodegradable.

Even further from the new popular plastic business card design trend are those made from other materials or are simply made of different and creative types of paper. Business cards made of embossed metal or engraved wood are not the most popular options because of their cost, but they are extremely effective at business promotion. Styles made of paper but are in unique shapes or made to be multifunctional are also popular.  All of these options are far more expensive than any plastic or traditional paper business card design, but for some businesses they are well worth the extra investment. The longer a card stays in circulation once it has been passed into the hand of a potential client, the better.

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