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Posted by sffoodtour on October 11th, 2017

How can you assist the foodie in your life celebrate their particular momentous events?

Maybe you've tried city tours gift certificates to restaurants, or even measuring spoons shaped like cows. Perhaps you've guessed La Creuset pots or given up entirely and gone to get a jar of wine. However, you have not looked at Cloud 9 Living that explains the reason why you've fought all this time.

Here is the thing. Most gifts are merely things, and at a certain stage, people run out of space or desire for stuff. As chefs, they have already gathered all of the accouterments for the thing that pleases them. They have all of the fancy pans and pots, all of the primo wine-openers, the Japanese knives, the colored cutting boards, and if they go out to eat, they do not require a gift certificate since they are already on a first-name foundation together with the chef.

What exactly do I buy these two? An adventure, in the kind of a present. Called adventure presents or experience gifts, these are memories from the making, small trips into the world of holiday or Pike's Place Market or stock car driving or, in this circumstance, gustatory wonders. This couple might have the Joy of Cooking down pat, but beef remains something to be ready for others--till today.

During Cloud 9 Living, I will offer them a sushi-making lesson for two. Like date night with a spin, they will work with a personal chef in their own home studying the history, etiquette, and vocabulary of their craft. My sister will find out how to make her California rolls without needing to head out, along with her husband could work on something a bit more adventuresome from the fish industry.

Or perhaps I need to send them into Trendy Cocktails 101, studying from head mixologists the way to infuse lavender and saffron in their liquors, the way to incorporate frothy egg white into a cocktail. Or chocolate-making courses, bellied-up into a double-boiler melting butter and cacao and massaging it all into seashell molds.

All of them are ideal present experiences for couples, naturally, but best of all for foodies. And the best thing about these is they provide something more troubling, more lasting, and more inspirational than any single item could: a memory. Collectively they will build a different memory to share, learn a new artwork, taste fresh concoctions, and cobble together an additional tie to bind them nearer.

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