Make-up Edinburgh - Tips for the blue-eyed damsels

Posted by juliabennet on May 30th, 2011

Ladies who have been blessed with blue eyes are considered naturally attractive all over the world, thanks to their pedigree. However, to make things subtle and desirable, a little make-up is imperative to accentuate the beauty. But, luckily, make-up for blue eyes is very straight forward. To make things perfect, all you need is to learn the trick of make-up Edinburgh by starting with the customary colors and then venture into experimenting with colors you fancy. Fortunately, most women are blessed with a very fine choice of colors that compliment them. Yet, you should remember that the colors that are suggested to you are not the only colors you should use in your make-up. The Edinburgh make-up parlors can do a fine job if you are ready to spend a little extra to get that diva look at minimal make up.

Colors like icy pinks, gold, silver, violet, gray, taupe, purples like lavender, mauve, etc. will go well in your face for shades with your make up. However, to add a dash of the oomph, you can also try the bright blue shade. Well, if this sound way too bold and tacky to a large extent, you should know that the bright shade will work to make your blue, expressive eyes stand out. For an even striking Edinburgh make-up for a glitzy evening, you can make sparing use of turquoise.  On the other hand, mint green is a great choice for those who have green eyes. However, blue eyes can also try fuchsias and bright pinks and try blending them with black to look out of the ordinary. Don this flashy make-up Edinburgh with a sexy revealing evening gown to complete the attire. 

Now, only having knowledge about the colors is like half the battle won, unless you know how to apply this entire set of make-up Edinburgh. For a day look, if it is the silver shadow you are considering, then try applying it all the way from eyelashes to your eyebrows. It will give the face a shimmering look and a highlight to start with. Next, apply the lavender or mauve over the lashes up till the creases and make sure that the fine line of difference is smudged well by blending both the colors well. Now, take the deep violet shadow and apply it in a V form from the center to the outer corner of the eyelashes. Emulsify them well to bring about a gradual change of shades instead of three colors standing out oddly. The next part of Edinburgh make-up includes bordering the eyes carefully with dark gray or charcoal eyeliner.

Next, apply mascara and wait until it gets dry to get the ideal eye make-up Edinburgh. For the rest of the facial make-up, play around with a wide range of favorable shades to make it look great. It is best to give the job to a skilled Edinburgh make-up artist to get the perfect look.

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