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Your car is your prized possession. Everyone consider their car as an important part of their life. They consider as part of their family and get emotionally attached to it. So if a car breaks down or faces some problem like a leak, you have no idea what to do at the moment.

Every car can go through a breakdown at any moment. Now there are certain breakdowns that you can prevent if read and understand the warning signs and signals. With the basic maintenance you can prevent the smaller problems but sometime you won’t be able to read the signs.

Car maintenance, service and cleaning is very important. Only when you do them regularly you will find out the problems in your car. You can consult a technician by searching car repair Bloomington IL online.

There are certain signs that you can know that will prepare you for a breakdown or you can prevent it completely. Some of the breakdown signs are as follows:

1.    If you see any green powder around the battery, then it might result in car battery damages or corrosion which may cause the breakdown. So change it before you face a problem.

2.    If you find any lumps of oil sticking onto the dipstick. This may damage the engine that may cause the breakdown. So change the oil on a regular basis.

3.    If you metal flakes floating around in the oil, then there is a chance that the metal has corroded. You should find a car repair Bloomington IL vendor to fix the problem.

4.    If you find any blue or green leaks or puddles under the car than that means that the car has leaked. Probably the coolant might have leaked and you need to fix it to prevent breakdown.
5.    If you see any uneven tire tread then there might be a problem of misalignment of your wheel.

6.    If the battery light doesn’t lit up while starting the car or if it is constantly on while driving then you need to check your battery.

7.    A smoking bonnet might lead to a breakdown. The smoking bonnet is a sign of overheating.

8.    A blue smoke coming out of the car means that the oil has entered the fuel supply and needs immediate attention.

9.    If a white smoke comes out of the car then that means that the water or antifreeze has entered the fuel supply.

10.    Dark or smelly smoke suggests that the filter might need some changing.

11.    If your engine doesn’t start or if it chugs slowly before it starts then it is time for to have a check.

12.    If you hear the squealing noise while you break then this indicates that you have worn brake pads.

13.    A hissing sound when you drive might be due to overheating.

These are some of the points that you can keep in mind. If you come across any then you need to immediately pay attention to the problem and should show it to a car repair Bloomington IL technician for fixing it.

Make sure you change your oil and service your car regularly. This will prevent you from going through all the major complications in your car.

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