2001 Audi A4 ? The best A4 ever

Posted by Cameronwhitee on June 1st, 2011

Audi belongs to a famous company called Volkswagen, a German motor producing company. The 2001 Audi A4 consists of a longitudinally oriented engine at the front. Its body is built as a comfortable vehicle and it comes under the luxury model. The design of this has car not been change in a larger way since it was produced initially. The first model of A4 came in the year 1994, with production starting November 1994. It was initially introduced as four –door sedan. Audi A4 was the first model in Volkswagen group to feature as 1.8 liter 20v engine with five valves per cylinder. The 2001 A4 model is a turbocharged model produces 150PS and it has a torque of 210. 

The car has much wide range of features, which gives heavy compete ion in the market for the other model cars. The features of the car are; it is basically 5 speed automatic engines, with a wheel base of 2615 mm. its length ranges as 45200 mm and its width is 17300 mm. its height ranges as 1415 mm. the model comes in both petrol as well as diesel. This model has some resemblance as Porsche. As all these companies come under the Volkswagen group, it may all have some similar looks and designs.  The new 2001 Audi A4 has sun roof, which is liked by many people in Europe as well as south Asian countries. The next rivalry cars produced for this model are mainly BMW and Mercedes Benz. 

But Audi A4 has some unique features, which are not present in its competitor’s model cars. The car is designed as race type model too. Its new version cars comprise of race type modes and its engine performance has been revised to perform equally to a race mode car. The torque of this car can be compared with its next comporting model of cars in the market. Its maximum torque is 148 N.M. the car has been tested in several racing tracks to prove its performance and to satisfy the desires of its customers. Its minimum engine power is 101 PS and its maximum engine performance is 150 PS. The car is designed in such way that it can even compete to a race car in a race. The maximum speed checked out by its drivers is 222 km/hr. Car lover’s love its smooth driving and its fast pick up in the highways.

Author Cameron has written many article like.This 2001 Audi A4 is one of the best one.

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