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A light therapy basically offers an effective treatment for the affective disorders. Affective disorders are also known as the name of seasonal affective disorders (SAD). Seasonal affective disorder is a kind of depression which basically starts during the time of the winter or fall that is why it is known as the seasonal affective disorder. Best Light Therapy Lamps for sad is very effective in treating different kinds of skin diseases.

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) LAMPS THERAPY:

For the seasonal affective disorder lamp therapy there is a light box which provides a relief but for some people the SAD therapy can be more accurate when it combined with other seasonal affective treatments such as psychotherapy or antidepressant therapy.

Secondly, the light therapy boxes for the SAD treatment are also called the light boxes, bright light boxes, bright light therapy boxes and photo therapy boxes but they all are built to do the same function or even better for another.


For choosing and using a light therapy box it’s better to talk with your doctor or health care provider because if someone is experiencing the bipolar and as well as the SAD disorder at the same time so the timing and the advisability of the light box should be carefully judged and tackled. Plus increasing and using the light box for such a long time can also induce the manic symptoms at the case of the bipolar and SAD.

Thirdly, if you faced or currently having any eye sight issues and problems such as eye damage, glaucoma or etc so then you should also first need to concern and ask your doctor about this therapy.


      The light box is mainly built for the fatigue and depression disorders. So to choose the best light therapy lamp is not so difficult for you because the first thing which you need to do is just simply choose a light which suits on your lifestyle and if you don’t use the unit so then it cannot be beneficial for you.

      Like if you are sitting at a desk and you are supposing to spend you whole day there at same place and position then you need to choose the desk lamp light therapy box.

      But if you are far away or doing some work or doing an exercise or any other general accoutrements then you need to choose a light box which will provide you approx 10,000 lux. These units will provide a reflective backing or more bulbs just for the sake to boost the intensity.


Spectrum is basically for the full brightness light and a better quality that is why research support this thought that full spectrum has some health benefits. But here is a bit elaboration which is the full spectrum is not essential for the light lamp or SAD, sleep disorder, circadian, PMS or etc. so it is basically depends on your own personal choice.


Last but not the least the gist is as there are many best light lamps therapy products which are available in the markets such as lumiebazil, SAD solutions, Lite Pod and so on but before buy any of these products keep yourself satisfy by advising your doctor because your doctor recommendation should be your first priority.

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