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Posted by kasturi on October 11th, 2017

Diamond Mangalsutra pendants are a variation of the diamond pendant which is a popular form of jewellery worn by women of all ages. The core concept of the diamond pendant is that it is a chain which contains a jewel or a pendant joined to it. Diamond Mangalsutra pendants differ in the way they look. Unlike diamond pendants, diamond pendants for Mangalsutra do not have only one pendant attached to them. Instead, it has many pendants and jewels attached to it and in most cases; the entire piece is made from the pendants. Hence it differs greatly from the regular diamond pendant.

In terms of design, the Diamond Mangalsutra has an extremely bold look as compared to the simplistic and clean look of an average pendant. The Diamond Mangalsutra is used extensively for weddings and functions as it provides a very direct and intense look. The actual piece itself differs depending on which one you decide to get. Many diamond pendant designs for Mangalsutra stay true to the diamond pendant in the sense that they have a centerpiece in the middle with a crown jewel made up of diamond while the rest of it is made up of another kind of gem or jewel. This piece would not suit people going for a simplistic look as the pendant would stand out too much. There are, however, more subtle versions of the diamond Mangalsutra designs which look more like an average design, but with a bigger and more noticeable pendant.


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