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Posted by Beckom Law on October 11th, 2017

Different attorneys are specialized in different fields. Some attorneys are specialized in criminal cases, while some are specialized in civil cases. Today, many divorce attorneys are also available. Litigation is become a common branch of attorney. An attorney provides services in different fields also. They study the case of the client and appeal for them in the court of law. Different types of attorneys provide specialized services in the following field too.

Commercial real estate transactions

In the course of buying or selling, a house property, a person can dupe by the party. Anybody can get duped a buyer, seller or an agent too. The other party may produce fake documents and escape after earning money from the buyer etc. So, a commercial real estate transaction attorney deals with all such cases. They find out the real culprit by extracting maximum information and investigating their reports. They provide many types of commercial litigation services to the clients.


They provide different types of telecommunication services to corporate sector and individual commercial estate owners too. They provide services in the matters of wireless lease agreements, cell site leasing, right to access agreements, fiber optic leases, wireless lease agreements etc. They also negotiate with the opponents.

Land use

Land disputes are just common problems with the landowners. They explain to their client about the zoning practice, land use, environment and energy etc. They handle all types of compliance and permitting issues of the clients. They deal with the following areas of land use approvals, land use planning, land use follows, land disputes, etc. They also provide advisory services to the clients regarding public policy privacy, etc.

Contract negotiations

In the course of contract with two parties, some complications can occur and dispute may take place between the two parties. So, an attorney makes negotiations on behalf of their clients so that the party can attain justice. They make both types of negotiations of commercial entities that include purchase agreements and lease agreements.

Corporate formation and governance

When a new business entity is to be established, then they require information about business laws because they should fulfill many formalities. Similarly, when the business is to be expanded, they should know the rules of amalgamation, merger etc. The client should be informed about many aspects such as Limited Liability Company, sub -chapter Corporation, etc.

The other issues that an attorney deals are intellectual property, business litigation, security regulations etc.

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