A Guide To Storing Your Bike At Home

Posted by Jessica Beak on October 11th, 2017

You love your bike and want to keep it safe. And there is no better place for safekeeping than your home. That is why you decide to store your bike in your home. However, the right storage approach is critically important if you want to avoid all the risks of damaging your bike.

Here, in this article, you will find about preparing your bike for storage, using the high-quality Bike rack and other valuable tips.

  1. Preparing your bike for storage
    To get your bike ready for the storage, you need to start by removing the excess accessory from it. If you bicycle has water bottles, attached bags, or electronic devices, remove them and keep them safe in your cabinets. Putting these items away saves you from getting damages electronics while storing the bike.

    Now, you need to clean your bike to get rid of the dust and dirt accumulated on it. Clean thoroughly by using soap water. Make sure that the frames and other complicated areas don’t have dust at the end of the cleaning. Now, you can check the breaks, tires and others parts and give it a little hand. Fill the necessary pressure in the tires and oil the necessary parts. This will keep the bike in good condition and save it from corrosion.

  2. Pick your storage area
    After preparing your bike, it is time to select a place to store in your home. With a little research, you can find a high-quality Bike rack and install it anywhere in your home. There are multiple types out there, so you should look at the durability, design, and appeal of the rack while choosing. The rack becomes your bike parking option. And that too, in your own home. It provides safety and protection to the bike.

    When you have chosen the rack, install it in one of the locations that seem safest for the bike. Then, you can simply hang your bike on it.

  3. Taking it out for a ride
    If you are taking out your bike after a long time of storage, it needs a little tune-up first. You need to look at all the parts and its functionality in order to get a smooth ride. Also, fill the proper air in the tires till it attains the required pressure inside. Plus, use high-quality lubrication for the various parts such as the chains, breaks, and others.

    When you have a high-performing bike, it requires care and maintenance to keep the performance top-notch. With the right storage habit, the life of your bike definitely improves to a great extent. So, use these tips. And if you want a Bike rack, visit the site http://pinup.woodloops.com/ for multiple options.

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