Installation of Hardwood Decking in Your House

Posted by ABS Wood on October 11th, 2017

In a modern world of technology and abundance, people have many choices for their homes’ building materials. Wood continues to be a popular and economic choice for building homes, and its regulation and control has resulted in higher quality. Modern woods come in various varieties thanks to the modernization of the lumber export and import industry. For people who are looking to redesign their homes or simply change the décor, there are various decking options available. 

Not just the connoisseurs but even architects and builders prefer hardwood for decking and décor over composite materials. The reason is its natural look and original quality of the finish. Hardwood decking has various advantages such as its low maintenance and long lifespan lasting for decades with minimal maintenance costs. Hardwood decking can survive almost anything thrown at it by natural and man-made causes. 

While installing a hardwood deck in your home, you should keep these things in mind. 

• You should know what type of hardwood you are using and how it should be settled properly. It is definitely your builder’s job to make things work, but you have to keep things under control. 

• Decks are often installed on the foundation, and you should know if the foundation is strong enough to take the weight or not. 

• In case you are rebuilding you do not need to replace the entire deck. If the deck is damaged or worn out you just have to remove the wood from the damaged area and re inforce it with additional beams and the job is done. 

• Make sure that the builder you assigned for the job is experienced and well-versed in woodwork and carpentry. He should have a sound knowledge of job as well as the skills to handle various types of woods. An understanding of their nature and behavior in different conditions allows them to make appropriate alterations in the job. A skilled craftsman will not only create a masterpiece out of logs of wood but also tell you how to take care of it over time. 

• A builder’s job is to build the deck, but he will only build according to the design you want. So you should keep the safety and affordability in mind while designing your deck. If you have children in the house, you should go for a matte, non-slippery surface. The edges should also be circular or curved instead of sharp angles. Apart from safety features, you have to keep the cost in mind too.  Do not get carried away while planning and constructing a deck. Keep a record of the expenses and ensure that you are not going over your estimated budget. 

• You definitely have to plan for more time than expected for the job to complete. Overheads and interruptions due to circumstances beyond your control can throw off a tight schedule. 

• While planning your deck, you can also make some changes such as innovative use of lighting and other small add-ons and fixtures. These changes will not cost you much, but they can significantly enhance the look of your deck and your home. 

Wood grants elegance and simplicity to a design. Use these inherent properties in your plans to get the most out of your hardwood deck. 

About the Author: 

This article is written by Bruce Master. He gained an interest in woodworking at an early age. Bruce Master started working with contractors in the 1970s as a salesman at Ace Hardware in Miami. Over the years, he discovered and fell in love with Brazilian woods. He has built decks, docks and specialty items using many of the Brazilian woods. Today, Bruce loves his job as Operations Manager for ABS Wood, a Brazilian wood retailer.

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