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Posted by juliamarks82 on June 9th, 2011

Chinese green tea is known for its pleasant taste and health benefits.  If you are looking for a brew that will keep you young and healthy, then the Chinese green leaf tea is a perfect choice.  Legend says that about 5,000 years ago, a Chinese emperor accidentally discovered the green leaf tea variant.  It eventually became the favorite drink of the Oriental royalties.  Through the centuries, this tea became popular throughout the world because of its unique refreshing taste and potent medicinal benefits.  

Like Chinese green tea history, the varieties of this beverage are very rich.  Apart from being the favorite brew of emperors, green leaf tea has been mentioned in many Oriental legends and folklore.  There is also a wide variety of teas in this family: more than 300 recorded in China and many that have not yet been documented.  Dragon Well, Bi Luo Chun, Mao Feng and Mao Jian are just some of the most popular ones.   Green tea is the only class of Chinese tea that is not fermented.  Because there is less oxidation during the processing of the leaves, the brew has a very natural flavor.  

Although it is interesting to know Chinese green tea’s history and varieties, as a green tea drinker, you are probably also interested in this tea’s health benefits.  Green tea contains one of the highest levels of natural anti-oxidants – about one third of its dry weight. It has been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects and these properties have been reported recently to be contributing many benefits against degenerative changes in humans, including dementia and post-menopause osteoporosis. Green tea is also believed to lower cholesterol levels and body fat deposit, as well as being a cancer preventive and enhancing the body’s immune system. Containing about a quarter of the caffeine compared to the same volume of coffee, green tea is described to have the added beneficial effect in producing ‘a clear mind and calm body’.  

For those who enjoy a nice warm cuppa, whether at home or at work, you may just want to replace some of your coffee consumption with a delicious cup of green tea.  It is not only healthy, but relatively economical. It rehydrates your body while supplying abundant anti-oxidants at the same time.

To fully appreciate a delightful cup of green tea, you will, however, have to look beyond the supermarket tea bags. Tea bags are made of the ‘tea dust’ (the lowest tea grade during the tea sorting after its production). Due to its ‘broken’ nature, the level of oxidation is multifold compared to tea leaves. The oxidized leaves are the source of the bitter taste and rough texture that tea drinkers experience from teabags.

Search for some premium quality leaf green teas, seasonally fresh, adequately packaged and stored, and let the experiences talk for themselves.

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