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Posted by John Spin on October 12th, 2017

Most management graduates are keen to be consultants, but, before you branch out on your own, it is better to join a management consultancy firm and learn the tricks of the trade. These firms can will expose you to the best and worst of the industrial practices, and help you build up contacts. You can learn while you earn. But, the big question would be - which firm to join? When deciding to join consultancy firms, first find out which sector motivates you as you can specialize for that industry or niche. It must reflect your personality as well as build up on your skill sets.

1. Figure out your area of interest.

The first step in deciding which management consultancy firm to join begins with self-assessment. You must decide if you wish to join a tech or a strategic consulting firm. A generalist firm can help you navigate the path of unsurety and help you really know which area actually is of interest to you. It will provide you with opportunities to understand and learn about different sectors.

2. Gather information through orientation sessions.

Major firms often organize orientation sessions for potential recruits especially during the recruitment season. Participating in such seminars will help clarify doubts. At such events, the companies talk about their work, clients, partners and the various industries they serve. This can be an opportunity to meet  existing consultants who can provide you information about the work culture at the firm catching your attention. Interacting with seasoned consultants is always a good idea since their information is deemed credible.

3. Choose a consulting employer based on their client rapport.

If you have narrowed down the type of firm you want to work with, your second step should be to research the client sectors such as pharmaceuticals, construction, etc. Doing so will help you zero in on firms that operate in these chosen client sectors. Furthermore, this is equally beneficial when you are drafting out your cover letter.    

4. Advantages of joining a generalist management consultancy firm.

Any generalist management consultancy firm could expose you to a wide range of projects across several industry verticals. This is a great choice for someone who is 'undecided' and wants to experience different horizons of working as a consultant. One such example of this category would be Humanettics, a diversified consultancy with thousands of practitioners across many sectors.

At such management consultancy firms, you could be a part of different project teams such as management, finance, IT, strategic, etc. As with any consultancy, you will learn about latest business trends,  get to know how the industry interacts, solve client issues and learn to work under pressure. You will also have opportunities for travel, and work on a contractual basis- long-term, short-term, seasonal, etc.

5. Procure all the information about a consultancy firm.

When you have prepared a final list of all the employers you will be sending an application to, make sure you keep yourself apprised of the most recent events via their press releases. Most of the time, companies place such information on their websites for easy access and publicity.

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