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Posted by joseeliyo1232 on October 12th, 2017

Soccer is not just a sport, it’s a religion. A footballer requires a lot of strength, fitness and technique to maintain his A-game. In a sport where you have to be on the ground for 90 minutes or more (taking extra time into account) and give your best performance all throughout, your training and fitness matters a lot.

Like every other sport the tricks, skills and training session for soccer is very important for a soccer-player. And these skills and tricks can only be incorporated into the minds of young soccer-players, who are open and adaptable to learning. This training is quintessential to determine the mindset development of footballers which can teach them the necessary qualities of team spirit, energy conservation, tricks and endurance.

Football training academies are the most important aspects of the training and evolution of a soccer-player. Thus it is very important to choose the very best training academy for your child because only their training would determine their success. A good soccer training academy helps the child with:

  • Increasing strength and endurance-

They teach strength and endurance trainings and routines like running, jogging, sprinting to help you stay fit for the complete 90 minute routine.

  • Prevent Injuries-

The excess of or lack of training or wrong method training can cause injuries. That’s the reason football training institutions help the child with appropriate nutrition and exercises to help prevent injuries and boost the flexibility of a player.

  • Improve Coordination-

The most important thing for a soccer-player is the neuromuscular coordination; proper training can help the soccer-player to establish proper neuromuscular and eye-leg coordination and balancing.

In Singapore, First Kick Academy is the place to help you train your child to become a good footballer. With their age specific soccer training lesson plans so that your child would love the training and would be more enthusiastic and attentive. With warm up and a variety of schedules like speed, ball control, one on one, techniques etc your child would become the best in the game. They hire the best and most passionate football coaches through rigorous interviews and training modules in order to train your child. They also have mascots for each of their 8 centres to help build a sense of team spirit in the child.

About First Kick Academy:

First Kick Academy is the best place to train your child to become a good soccer player. Apart from trained coaches and age specific training they also host soccer theme party for children.

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