Testone?s Valve Torque Durability Testing Machine & CFRP Multistep Hot Press Ove

Posted by Testone on October 12th, 2017

Testone a leading testing machines manufacturing company in South Korea. We offers various type of testing machines for different industrial purpose. TESTONE was able to grow rapidly with high technology and stable quality. Also we provide our partner with the total solution include Order Production, Programming and Software also After Sales Support.

Valve torque Durability Testing Machine


- This tester is to evaluate the durability of Valve torque operation.

- Precise control is possible to apply the AC Servo Motor High Precision Torque Sensor also precise data acquisition is possible.


  • Capacity 20 N.m
  • Torque Accuracy ± 0.5 %
  • Angle Accuracy ± 0.1 %
  • Test Speed - 60 RPM
  • Main body - Al-profile Case
  • Counter - 0~999999
  • Control - Digital Servo Controller Axis, Stepper & Servo Motion Control
  • Software - Motion set-up & control, Data analyze, Save, Print
  • Power - 220 V 2P 60 Hz
  • Weight - Approx. 600 kg

CFRP Multistep Hot Press


The temperature and pressure of the testing machine Press at intervals of 4 to Multi Step Hot Press, It is possible to set the time arbitrarily also sample is equipped with an automatic Belt conveyor for driving in machine.

- The temperature of each segment using only S / W, pressure and time can be set for each section, and it analyze the progress data.

- The accuracy of the available pressure is increased by the Hydraulic Servo Valve also heating plate is to minimize temperature variation for consists of a Multi zone control system.


  • Pressure Capacity - 50 ton
  • Pressure Zone - 4 Step Zone
  • Heating Plate - 1500 X 1200 mm
  • Tem. Range - RT ~ 450 ℃
  • Tem. Control - Multi Zone Control
  • Tem. Accuracy - ± 5 at 450 ℃
  • Specimen driving System - Auto
  • Feeding rate - 5 sec (Section)
  • Motor - Hydraulic Pump
  • Cooling System - Water Cooling System
  • Main Power - 380 V 3 P
  • Weight - About 8 ton

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