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Posted by juliabennet on June 13th, 2011

If you don't have a Universal Box yet then it's high time you bought one. It is currently the cheapest that it has ever got. The chief software comes with a built in file manager which you can use to update your Universalbox and download the latest flash files available. Each Universal box comes with a distinct identifier so that you don't need to bother with a username and password combination. When you first buy the Universal Box, it will already come loaded with UBCredits but later on if you need to buy some more there are plenty of Universal Box Logs available even on the Internet so shopping gets a lot easier for you.

The Universal Box also has the automatic update feature that you can set to on so that it will automatically look for the latest updates and download them as soon as they are available. But if you would like to do it yourself manually then you can set this feature to off but it is highly recommended that you leave it on. There are plenty of things that you can do with the Universal Box Logs. By making use of UBCredits you can buy rpl files, unlock some models of the dct4plus phone like the 2310, 2610 and 1110i and carry out flashing of the db2020 phone the models supported being k800, w850 and k610.

You would use ten UBCredits to buy rpl files while unlocking the dct4plus phone would cost you ten UBCredits as well. Flashing the db2020 phone will cost you just three UBCredits. You can buy the Universal Box Logs in multiples of 100 and they get cheaper when you buy in bulk. You can even ask for a good discount when you buy a lot of them perhaps by getting together with your friends and family.

The Universal Box was created to be as safe as possible so that you don't spend your money and UBCredits on a solution that will turn out to be free tomorrow. Later on this will become even more important when they churn out new solutions that are not available anywhere in the world. The software that is used is very user friendly and does the difficult part of the maintenance and saves the user time by automatically looking for updates, downloading them and installing them without the user's intervention. The Universal Box Logs are now available on the Net.

The Universal Box adds activations that require to be paid for from time to time for functions that are extremely new and hot. Of course, these will cost you some UBCredits but then you can easily buy them from the online store. You can check out the various kinds of Universal Box Logs available whether they are the Universal Box SL3 logs or the Universal Box Old logs. All you have to do is select the one you want and make the payment.

So if you are looking to purchase BCredits, check out the various Universal Box Logs available right here!

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