Use Gelish to Adorn Figure Nails

Posted by AngeloEverton on June 13th, 2011

 Manicure and pedicure does help in maintain the health of figure nails of the hand and legs. However, when a quick fix is required, a gelish nail polish could be the best option. Instead of enduring such lengthy process during which one would have to sit inside the beauty parlor and wait for the procedures to be done, using gelish could be as simple as wearing a nail polish. However, while an ordinary nail polish might take hours to dry off, gelish take only few seconds, and would last for weeks.

The gelish nail polish has evolved as one of the ground-breaking treatments for the nails that can also offer some amazing benefits. As a matter of fact, more and more women are now drawn to the gelish nail polishes for the simple reasons that it keeps the nail healthy and also retains the color worn.

The major benefit of wearing gelish is that it takes least time to dry off. Gelish nail polish, though a solution, is basically gel based. It uses an exclusive revolutionary technique for drying and curing application. After the application of gelish nail polish, the treated nails will be placed under the UV lamp; this is the process of curing the gelish polish, which takes approximately two minutes for complete solution. The time taken for drying the nail polish is actually negligible.

Gelish also has amazing staying power that cannot be compared to any other nail polishes. With the use of the conventional nail treatments, such as the standard nail polishes, the colors would easily fade within a few days. However, with a gelish nail polish that would not be the case. The gelish coating will maintain the nail color for weeks. Also, problems with peeling and chipping can be avoided completely with the gelish formula.  The nails would become marvelous over time, and once it needs to be removed, that can also be done very quickly. In case if a woman wants a fresh manicure, the nails should be soaked in acetone or gelish remover, it will take just 15 minutes for the gelish remover to remove the colors from fingernails.

Nails are often exposed to poor quality polishes that can play havoc on the health of the nails. Gelish nail polish is completely safe to be used.  It is basically an odorless formula that would not cause any damage to the natural nails. Nail damage has been a major concern for women who use nail colors frequently. With the help of the gelish nail polish, women can now have perfect and naturally good looking nails that would last long and also not break or chip off from time to time. Instead of going to a professional salon and spending fortunes, using gelish can be the perfect choice.

Gelish is definitely a new concept, and the West has already accepted and adapted the use of gelish nail polish.

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