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Posted by juliabennet on June 15th, 2011

The auto theorie or car theory test is designed so as to check how much knowledge you have about the rules of the road and if you notice any potential hazards which happen constantly. To achieve this, the theorieprüfung or theory testing is divided into two parts; the first to check your learning and the other to check your ability to foresee danger.

In order to pass the auto theorie you need to clear both the stages and if you fail to do so then you have to come back and go through both the stages once again. Hence it is important to pass both the stages in one shot if you are to be awarded a certificate of passing. This assessment is needed to be done before you try to book a driving test. You may take driving lessons prior to this phase and it is perfectly legal for learners to do this before they take the theorieprüfung.

The first stage of the auto theorie could consist of as many as fifty questions on the screen with multiple choice answers. You have to decide on the correct answer and touch the screen after which it moves on to the next question.  You have to score at least 43 on 50 to pass this stage of theorieprüfung. You can also leave the questions you are unsure of and go to the next and after you reach the end you can go through those you had left out. This is known as flagging so that you don’t waste time on the ones that you are unsure of and at least score on the ones you are confident about.

Then there will be a few short video clips which show the events ahead of a car from the view of the driver. In this part of the theorieprüfung, you have to identify any dangers that you might see and need to alter the speed at the earliest point that you possibly can. What score you will achieve in the auto theorie will depend on how alert you are to see the problems and respond to them by making use of the button that is supplied. You could receive as many as fourteen video clips and you would need to get at least 44 on 75 to be able to clear this test.

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