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Posted by Chris on October 13th, 2017

The appearance of smart bracelet products are much too strange, but in fact combined there mainly are two styles on shape: round and square, or is to imitate the classic watch shape, or NBA players liked wear sports bracelet shape. Taking into account that short battery life has become a difficult problem for whole industry, most of smart bracelets now adopt a no screen design, only through the form of led dot matrix lights to display information, somewhat similar to the old MP3 monochrome display.

Even on the aspect of power saving a lot of compromise has been tried, smart bracelet battery life is still not optimistic. Among tested products with the longest life is the happy heart series, in most of the time at the state of screen off it can support standby up to 3 months, while most of the rest of the bracelet can only hold about 7 days, and compared to its competitor - the traditional mechanical watch that frequently uses year to calculate the life it is far from enough. Every day to charge the phone is trouble enough for somebody, coupled with the bracelet, then, no doubt more difficult to increase the user's use interest.

Fortunately, although the life is relatively short, but the manufacturers in the power supply mode or under a lot of effort, the bracelet USB interface are directly hidden in the strap, no need to use the data cable. And such as millet bracelet with a removable set, there is a direct charge when the sensor removed to charge the charge, then finished and then put back, do not have to pick the ring, which is a lot easier, from another point of view, keep smart bracelet has been worn on the hands of the practice has also increased the use of the odds, and enhance the user sticky.

Now a great embarrassment of intelligent hardware devices is positioning unknown, the lack of a fixed carrier to display the information it collects. This will make the lack of a lack of hardware devices, if not and mobile phone or computer connection can only be reduced to a high-level electronic watch only. From the transmission mode, the bracelet is generally used in low power consumption, information transmission ability of Bluetooth 4.0 technology, but at the same time the problem also appears here. The first is the Bluetooth 4.0 LBE technology in the market is not so popular in the mobile phone, forced to use this technology docking, means that the market two-thirds of Andrews and 4S before the Apple phone cannot fit, greatly Improve the use of the bracelet threshold.

Followed by hardware equipment is inconsistent, even in the conditions of the phone, the connection system is still a lot of incompatibility problems, the most common is the Bluetooth repeatedly dropped, this BUG for SMS and call reminders and other functions Is fatal. For some mobile phones, users need to repeatedly confirm the Bluetooth connection, in order to ensure that missed calls and text messages. Fortunately, for compatibility issues, smart bracelet manufacturers can refresh the firmware or update the APP version of the way to repair, but because of the current hardware types more and more mobile phone manufacturers like the original Andrews system architecture changes, in the end can Corresponding to the number of categories of mobile phone is still unknown.

Exercise monitoring should be the core function of each bracelet, all the bracelets are implanted in the gyro sensor and other induction module to monitor the user's movement, and will be converted into how many steps, burning how much Joule, exercise A few kilometers of such data, for athletes and weight loss is still very useful, at least to see their daily exercise effect, play a supervisory and supervisory role. It is worth mentioning that some APP will be built in some such as "5 km per day walk," such a small game to help you improve the amount of exercise.

In addition to the game mentioned in the process of the challenges mentioned above, as well as the movement of the ranking function, the user can be a daily exercise into a score, and then put a platform for comparison. This feature is currently used when the number of problems is too small and the platform is not uniform, so it is difficult to row when the row to go. Not long ago, WeChat announced the opening of the hardware API interface, if the smart bracelets with the WeChat platform to aggregate the information together, everyone in the circle of friends compare daily exercise, but also a very interesting experience.

Rumors, sleep is divided into shallow sleep and deep sleep, and smart bracelet products through the internal sensor to test the user's sleep, given sleep quality feedback. From the various APP monitoring interface it can be seen, that the sleep time control is quite accurate, which will be much helpful for users with poor sleep quality. Some other manufacturers claim that the intelligent wake-up function, in the shallow sleep state using the vibration function to wake up the user, similar to a function with a vibration alarm clock, for those users who have trouble on get up bed it is a big gospel.

With the development of intelligent hardware devices faster and faster, users gradually put forward higher requirements on the relevant services. Although for today's smart hardware products there are many problems, we can see the major technology companies are very optimistic about the prospects for this product. From Cell Phone Age com the new arrival Bluetooth Connection Smart Bracelet only cost less than 10 USD including functions such as Sleep Sports Fitness Activity Tracker Pedometer. 

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