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The tax day or tax due is a day on which the individual tax retuns of the income are been turned as a due paid for the federal government in United States of America. The tax day was usually followed on April 15 since 1955.  The federal tax for income was introduced based on the revenue act, 1861 which was first founded with an aim to help in funding during the civil war. The act stipulated that the income tax to be paid will be a due when it is not been paid on time. There was an unsubstantiated claim that an income tax are paid by the persons who are wealthy enough to pay over it, this was stated by the internal revenue's commissioner. Supreme Court has decided that the unappointed income taxes paid on the interest, rents and dividends as proposed by the act were considered to be the effective direct taxes paid to the government. The act was considered as unconstitutional since it voilates the constitutional rule which insists that the direct taxes can be apportioned 18 years later, as specified at the 16th amendment of the constitution of united states of america. A legal authority was given to all incomes from the tax non-regarding with the appointment requirement.

The corporate tax due was imposed in United States of America at the federal government. Some local level incomes from smaller entities were considered as the corporations. The rate of federal tax for corporate taxables incomes varies from (15-35) percentage. The rules for local and state taxes are framed only by the jurisdiction. These rules may be based on the federal definitions and concepts. The taxable income is different from the booked income whic varies in terms of tax deductions and tax deductions. Various corporations are also subjected to a tax called "federal alternative minimum" and also they can be subjected to alternative state taxes. An individual should file the tax returns per annum; similarly each corporation should also file the annual retuns every year. the corporations should also make tthe estimated tax due payments for every four months. a controlled group of corporations should need to file their tax due returns every year.

Some of the corporate transactions are of non-taxable due one. those types of corporations various formations and other groups like mergers, liquidations and acquisitions. Shareholders of the corporation are subjected to tax dues on dividends. Some corporations are all subjected to the foreign income taxes, hence they are granted with foreign tax credit for that credit. in most of the corporations, their share holders are not subjected to tax due directly over the income from the corporate. But they are asked to ask their tax dues as dividends. A tax year is chosen of twelve months or 52 to 53 weeks long. This tax year can be changed in accordance with the corporation’s specifications and requirements. This depends on the internal revenue services required by the corporation. The federal income tax dues are always offered at graduated rates.

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