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Posted by reezthomas on October 13th, 2017

Have you ever got confused between inline and ice hockey? If so, this article will help you understand the difference.

One of the biggest differences between ice hockey and inline hockey is the surface on which such challenging sport is played. Unlike in ice hockey, which is played on ice rinks or perhaps frozen pounds, inline hockey is played on a wood, asphalt, cement, or sport tile surface. It came into picture when most of the Southern United States couldn’t have this game played on due to lack of ice.

Roller or inline hockey has a superior advantage over ice hockey in terms of that it can played on any surface, not necessarily ice. Players employ a hockey stick to shoot a hard plastic hockey puck into their opposition goalpost to score points.

Along with the differences mentioned above, a lot of variations are there in terms of rules to play this sport. One of the biggest differences is that ice hockey comprises of five skaters per team, however in inline hockey there are four. Moreover, any inline hockey don’t engage with any offside or icing rules. In fact, there remains an inherent freedom to skate around and shoot. In the end, inline hockey leagues uses a ball instead of a puck. Players who uses puck before, can take a lot of time adjusting to a ball owning to different characteristics of movement on the court.

Another major difference between ice hockey and roller hockey is their equipment used. Inline hockey comparatively employs less equipment, including shin guards, elbow pads, gloves, and a helmet. Inline hockey do not require the players to wear shoulder pads or breezers.

With advent of technology , now one can play this game in your backyard; no need of going to costly centers to play inline hockey.

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