replica Cartier simple love necklace DIY creative design works

Posted by jewelrybrand on October 13th, 2017

Cartier studio design of the cartier love necklace replica, cotton line with green grass, natural primitive fresh blowing, elegant plain design reflects a kind of both low personality and low beauty. Necklace soft matte cloth with hard and shiny plastic to form the texture.

Contrast, necklace love replica bright colors and large pieces of geometric design, to help you become the protagonist in the crowd.
The broad gem refers to all the beautiful and precious stone, Chinese scholars with “your beautiful stone” instead. Narrow gem is dedicated to the production of valuable jewelry stone. It is generally believed that it should have three characteristics: magnificent, rare and durable. Gems since ancient times with the preservation and decoration and so on, and has many good symbolic meaning and research value. A metal wire mosaic made of high-end atmospheric gem cartoons necklace to share to everyone. This fine workmanship of the precious stones pendant hope you will like. Wire mosaic made of high-end atmospheric gem Cartier necklace need tools: metal wire, pinch clamp, decorative gem.

1, with a pinch clamp to the metal wire into the upper figure shape, 2, pinch the love necklace replica a row of six metal wire, tighten the winding. 3, according to the size of the gem, in the six rows of metal wire in three sections around the wire 4, the gem stuck in the middle of the row of wire, the card fixed wire. 5, after holding the gem, the separation of two wires, making decorative shape. 6, and then the top of the excess wire with a pinch clamp made into a decorative shape, the law as shown in the production of precious stones decorative wire part of the detailed analysis carefully carefully kneading out of the decorative part, and then decorated with glass beads, is not very grade on ah, Wire mosaic made of high-end atmospheric gem necklace cartier replica pendant completed, together to enjoy appreciation of myself.

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