Purchase a Diaper Pail to Reduce Odors From Dirty Diapers

Posted by munchkin on October 13th, 2017

One of the most challenging aspects of being a new parent is figuring out how to deal with all of the diapers. In fact, by the time your little munchkin turns three, you will have tossed out approximately 5,000 dirty diapers! Many parents habitually use plastic grocery bags and regular trash but, after frequently discarding dirty diapers into a standard trash receptacle, they must soon deal with the offensive odors that linger. The intolerable smell will permeate the entire room and throughout the home, regardless of how clean it is kept.

Diaper pails are bins that are specifically designed for the disposal of used diapers and have several significant benefits over traditional trash cans. A diaper pail not only tightly seals odors from previously disposed diapers inside, but its unique mechanism also minimizes the smell that escapes when it is opened prior to tossing in a new deposit. Additionally, a diaper pail is designed so that changing a full bag is easy, convenient and completed without releasing the bag’s odors. These are all important features which normal trash cans simply do not have.

Because of these and other features, concerned parents are increasingly tossing used diapers into the right pail to control odors and maintain a much fresher environment. Since parents go through a staggering number of diapers during the early years of their baby’s life—as many as eight or more each day during infancy—having a diaper pail to rein in bad odors can be a lifesaver. By keeping a diaper pail near the primary changing table, you can also limit the chore of moving dirty and smelly diapers to a trash collection area to just once per day or even once per week.

Keeping a diaper pail handy can be particularly convenient for nursing mothers, as a diaper pail eliminates the need to leave a particular room just to dispose of a dirty diaper. A mother can avoid the inconvenience and potential safety issues associated with carrying a baby in one hand and a dirty diaper in the other, walking across her home, balancing while fumbling with opening and closing the lid and walking back to the same room again. Diaper pails also benefit by maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene throughout the home, ensuring the continued good health of parents and baby.

Here are a few primary benefits of a diaper pail:

High Storage Capacity:

Diaper pails are available in a variety of sizes, depending upon the desired capacity. A pail should ideally need to be emptied no more than twice each week with larger pails requiring only one emptying per week.

Odor Control:

Quite possibly the most important benefit of a diaper pail is its ability to control offensive odors in and around a changing area. A diaper pail’s exclusive clamping mechanism even effectively reduces odor release when a dirty diaper is added to a pail containing previously tossed diapers.

Ease of Changing Bags:

Diaper pails are specially designed with the convenient changing of full bags in mind. Munchkin, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of top-quality diaper pails, designs its bins with a simple snapping enclosure that eliminates the hassles of changing bags. Munchkin’s diaper pails are fool-proof and prevent the release of even the strongest of pollutants when removing and changing a full bag.

Munchkin is dedicated to developing modern and innovative products for babies. Its goal is to introduce additional convenience and safety into the busy daily lives of parents, especially those who are new to the joys of parenthood. From bottles and pacifiers to tubs and strollers, Munchkin provides everything you need to focus on what is really important in the early years of your child’s life.

About Munchkin:

Munchkin is a trusted brand for purchasing diaper pail, tubs & rinses, safety extensions and gates as well as bottles and strollers for your baby. It is committed to developing and offering a wide range of clever, innovative and top-quality products to make lives of parents and young children simpler and safer.

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