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Posted by Biofollicle on October 13th, 2017

Sulfate free hair care products are becoming popular by the day, and the main beneficiary is none other than BIO FOLLICLE a company that is a brand of mainline concept international just like its slogan which says stop unwarranted hair naturally they ensure that their slogan works in letter and spirit.

It would not be wrong to understand what is sulfate and what is sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, because without understanding this it  would not be right to buy it or use it,sulphate  are aggressive detergents made of sulfur-containing mineral salts and because of this one gets lot of thickness when one pours it, but if you buy any sulfate free products then this fizziness is not there and you get the substance that is more of liquidity, this is the difference and off-course minus the mineral salts.

The above clearly signifies why one prefers Sulfate free hair care products then the various other hair care products that are available for ones calling, but if one goes further this segments also has a whole set of products that are too wide with lot of options like shampoos conditioners that come with coconut oil engraved in it, tea tree lemon conditioner, rosemary mint shampoo, rosemary mint conditioner, pomegranate shampoo, pomegranate conditioner, lemongrass and sage shampoo & conditioner, lavender shampoo and the list is never ending.

When you have such a big list it becomes very difficult for one to select a right sulfate free hair care products for them, but after a research one can stick to the product which they have decided and continue using that and do not go in for a change, because a change is sure to give them good or bad result which one cannot risk trying, in short make a choice and just stick to it.

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