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Posted by yashi ganguly on October 13th, 2017

For those looking to create the magic of décor in their kitchen interiors,white quartz worktop makes for a wonderful option. Grey granite worktops are also popular among those people who wish to give their kitchens a professional andsophisticated look. Both these stone effect worktop surfaces are among the popular selections for anymodern kitchen today as they transform a kitchen into a heaven with an easy-on-the-eye look, besides providing convenience of cleaning and easy maintenance.

Particularly, white quartz worktop uk is anaffordable selection for even the people looking to create stylish finish in their kitchens. The other benefits of using a white quartz worktopin the kitchen are that it is scratch and stain resistant, completely waterproof and above all most durable. Obviously, it is quite easy to maintain this worktop and for this purpose only a simple wash using mild soap with a soft cloth and warm water is enough to get the desired results.

Care and maintenance of white quartz worktop:

• Use of permanent markers, or inks, solvents, dyes and some chemicals should never be used on white quartz worktop, as they can cause permanent discoloration to its surface. If by any chance these materials have come into the contact with its surface than these should be wiped away immediately.

• To clean any cleaner residue, its surfaces should be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of water. If somehow some stains have persisted on it than these should be cleaned by rubbing moisten cloth only.

• We should always remember that in any form white quartz worktops are not at all heat proof and so, we should never place hot roasting pans directory on its surface otherwise cracks may develop on it.

Grey granite worktops deliver tasteful aesthetics in the kitchen, as they radiates such beauty that no other worktop material can match. A natural product with enduring aura, grey granite worktops are scratch resistant and moreover, they perfectly blend with kitchen flooring walls and cabinets. The most important quality of these worktops is that they can take normal wear and tear very well and they are heat resistant too. Granite being a hard substance is also scratch resistant. However, still there are reasons to take proper care of grey granite worktops.

Care and maintenance of grey granite worktops

Grey granite worktops are required to be sealed, as these are porous. If they are not sealed properly they can absorb any liquid, oil, wine or juice leaving behind a tough stain hard to be removed. Consequently, they begin to show visible stains. The other drawbacks of grey granite worktops is that they can easily get damaged if a heavy objects falls over it. In comparison to white quartz worktop they are also priced very high.

Cleaning and maintenance of both white quartz worktop and grey granite worktops require due care.They add personal style to a home, a reason enough to include them in your kitchen interiors to make it beautiful and elegant.

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