5 Questions with Alexander Johnson, co-founder of Everus

Posted by everus on October 13th, 2017

Alexander Johnson, co-founder of Everus answers some quick questions from the Global Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Alliance


Is Everus a decentralized organisation? 

No. We are a centralized corporation that develops decentralized blockchain financial and commercial ecosystems, running on EVR, our resident cryptocurrency.

Is blockchain really necessary?

Well, it’s really not about finding a fit for financial technology, or any other service for that matter, on the blockchain. It is, in fact, the opposite. It’s about imagining and exploring new possibilities with the characteristics of blockchain - the difference that a more secure, decentralized structure can create for everyone out there.This is what Everus is about, this is the driving force behind every component we build into our ecosystem.

Will it be difficult bringing this new technology mainstream?

Everus builds technology, yes of course, but more than that we build experiences for people.

Everyone wants convenience, they want security, they want faster, cheaper ways of doing everyday things. Life’s too short, right? We all want to spend our time, energy and other resources on the things that really matter.

At Everus we want to empower our users - consumers, merchants, organizations and governments with software that make their tasks so much easier, more efficient and more effective, and create more rewarding experiences for them at the same time.

So to answer your question, yes it will be challenging. But that’s exciting because done the right way, by focusing on the user value and improved experiences, they will naturally gravitate towards the solution that they feel is best for them. I don’t think they really care if it’s blockchain or not. At this point, it’s still not the ultimate deciding factor, just a means to that end.

What would be the most effective method for Everus to achieve mainstream adoption?

We believe the shortest route to mainstream adoption would be to innovate on existing user applications and services. Things that users are already familiar with and comfortable doing.

Like sending money, except faster, safer and without the burden of high transaction fees. Giving and taking loans with faster payouts and globally competitive interest rates. Shopping online, but with greater global access and lifelong, ever increasing rewards. Maybe a little more live-social, a little O2O(online-to-offline) for the millennials who love hanging out with friends at physical malls.

Through constant market research and user engagement, we strive to learn more about our users and their changing needs and tune our solutions to real user feedback. Yes, the tech is disruptive, but user experience should not be.

The possibilities for decentralized apps are endless but naturally we focus first on what we are good at and passionate about - commerce and fintech. By innovating and reimagining our existing ecosystem, developing and deploying a gamification framework, we can accelerate adoption and maintain retention of the technology, while strategically pacing the deployment of services with our users’ evolving needs and receptiveness.

Share a little teaser of some of the features Everus has in store.

Right now we are build a proprietary blockchain platform for BaaS for organizations and government, which should be ready mid 2018.

In the meantime, on October 2017 we will launch Everus World - our pilot commercial and financial ecosystem which provides value-added services like remittance, payments, shopping and peer-to-peer loans. I say value added because we are implementing an incentivized, experiential adoption mechanism to drive onboarding of users and merchants.

Also, and again, as we strive for better user value, our wallet development team is working on a multi-cryptocurrency smart wallet with accounting features and crypto management tools for a clearer separation of investing and spending functions.

Also this year we will launch the Everus Mall, a revolutionary online megastore that accepts several major cryptocurrencies and offers access to fantastic products and amazing rewards.

With EVR Genesis set for 30th October 2017, cryptocurrency users are invited to register their basic EVR wallets at www.everus.org/signup as the components of Everus World are progressively released in the coming months.

For their white paper and roadmap, visit www.everus.org or contact:

Everus Technologies Sdn Bhd
Level 23A, The Ascent Paradigm,
No 1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E., MALAYSIA.

PHONE: +603 – 7890 0011

EMAIL: info@everus.org

Find Everus on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Github: everusworld

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