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Dead Trigger 2 for Android

Dead trigger 2 mod apk, the sequel for the original, award-winning Dead Trigger, is right here with a completely new first-person shooter. It is really even bigger, bloodier, and has even better graphics. The game will take place within a post-apocalyptic environment exactly where humanity is getting ready to extinction. The good news is, here are a few courageous souls ready to combat for salvation. You, in a natural way, are one of these... and also the other Dead Trigger 2 gamers from worldwide would be the relaxation. According to how other gamers do with their missions, you can check the development of your game's story in realtime. And, of course, it is possible to influence that progress by taking part in missions distinctive to your tale.

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The description of Dead Trigger 2: Initially Individual Zombie Shooter Game

Battle for survival in the zombie apocalypse with this heart-stopping initially individual shooter. Select from an insane arsenal of battle weapons and battle towards the strolling dead in terrifying environments round the globe.

60+ million players are actually battling for the way forward for mankind - is it possible to create a difference?

New missions provide you with usage of a lot of insane weapons, which includes grenade chickens and rocket chickens. Naturally, you will also run into new (and hazardous) zombies, together with some colossal final bosses which will make your jaw fall.

Between missions, you can get ready within the base of functions, where you can go to the armorer, the medical professional, the scientist, or even the contraband trafficker, all of whom will let you boost your weapons and talents.

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Dead Trigger 2 is really an superb first-person shooter with a fascinating tale that can final you many several hours. It might certainly be a smartphone game, but its graphics that may be at your home on a Playstation 3 or XBox 360.

Dead Trigger 2 is really a free game for the Android which is the sequel into the strike FPS game with a similar tittle.

This time, you might be not just the one a single on this planet battling for their survival against the global zombie apocalypse. And that means you would have to identify a safehouse, obtain your selves outfitted with the latest along with the most powerful weapons & armors you could find, join the worldwide resistance movement and struggle for your survival, all done in real-time.

Customer Reviews

Great but could be superior...READ THIS!!!

Okay I'm fine with a couple of ads here and there but AFTER EVERY MISSION!? NO!!! After every, and I mean EVERY mission there is undoubtedly an ad! I'm not saying you should completely take away the ads (even though that will be awesome) I'm just saying reduce the amount you of ads that pop up!! Seriously it really is annoying!! Just make it so there aren't as many ads! Okay? Like maybe one or 2 ads from time to time okay? Okay! ALSO could you add a record button because there was some great moments of killing Z's and I REALLY wanted to save them to my photos! So PLEASE add that! Btw are you able to decrease how much money it takes to upgrade the tech? Because I am NOT gonna spend 350,000 JUST to upgrade my tech/gun guy/engineer/hot nurse lady/gold guy! It was hard enough collecting 180,000!! And decrease the amount of time it takes for tech/gun guy/engineer/hot nurse lady/gold guy to upgrade too? Because I'm sorry but it usually takes 3 WHOLE DAYS JUST TO BE COMPLETED? I need new stuff man I can't wait that long to get new stuff!! Also maybe make an option for like escort missions to pick who you want to come along with you, I dunno just a thought. When at least the ads, money cost and time wait are decreased then I can make it 5 stars but for now it is 3

The game features ultra amazing graphics, 2 choices for your game control schemes, real-time gameplay, new game contents, plus some bonus features.

Download the DEAD TRIGGER 2 now and join the global community of survivors in eliminating the zombie pandemic.

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