The Best Sites to Visit by the Banks of River Thames

Posted by Andrew Smith on October 13th, 2017

The bank of the Thames River is full of entertainment and fun activities. There are some of the best sites along the river and the river stretches for a length of 215 miles and this helps in dividing London in sections of North and South. In fact, the river acts like the silvery divider and this helps in changing the scenario of the place and make you feel the specialty of the unique ambiance. At the place you can watch for the royal palaces, the world famous art galleries and the renowned theaters. At the riverside you can see the great fortress sand there are more things you would prefer watching at the destination.

There are some of the Hotels Close To Bayswater Tube Station. These are rare hotels to help you have a grand stay and from the hotel place you can easily reach the bank of the Thames River and wait to see the wonderful things rare and gorgeous of their kinds. At the river side you can watch for the World War II battle cruiser. There are more things like the observation wheel and some of the most famous bridges in line. Some of the sights that you can watch at the riverside can be visited for free.

Thus, it is great to climb abroad and it would be great to enjoy the essence of the little journey that will take you to the greatest artery of the capital city. When going through the list you can start with the Hampton Court Palace. You can go upstream to the Great Medieval Palace of the Hampton Court and this will take you 3.5 hours from the destination of the Westminster by boat. People and the visitors are of the opinion that the palace is a true gem and it is well packed with all the stunning and wondrous architecture.

These are architecture belonging to the Tudor period. However, some perfect additions have been made with the attempts of Sir Christopher Wren for the reason of King William III and Queen Marry. Here you find the presentation of art of the greatest quality and here you find the notable tapestries and some of the best paintings by the luminaries like Mantegna, Verrio and Kneller. Here you can see the perfect Tudor kitchens and they are preserved in the manner as they would appear just as in the 16th century.

At the Hampton Court Palace peacock is served for dinner on request and in case the children in the family get a bit restless they can get ready to explore the terrific maze and the new and the magical garden. The place is known as the ‘Magic Garden’. In case of the Hampton Court Palace there is a bridge over the moat and this will lead to the Tudor west front and this is better protected by the beasts of the King. Going down the list you can stop at Tate Britain or Tate Modern. For this you have to travel downstream into the heart of the London passage.

This will make you pass through the Battersea and the Nine Elms to the southern part of River Thames. The region is sure to go through a massive transformation and you would love to watch the huge new towers and this you can see every week with the best of interest. Battersea Power Station is the last place to be transformed into something that is utterly useful and the place is known for the arrival of the American embassy. When the American associates will finally move to the brand there is the spanking of the new Kieran Timberlake shaped mega Embassy.

The place is sure to offer you with a short stroll Vauxhall Bridge from the destination of Tate Britain. The art gallery was perfectly constructed by the efforts of the sugar magnate Henry Tate and this happening on the site of the traditional Millbank Penitentiary and these are best to encompass the British Art from the year 1545. This you cannot name as modern art. This you can find a couple of miles once you move down from the destination of the Tate Modern. At Tate Britain one can discover the broad range of the British fine art and sculpture from the source of Millais and the pre-Raphelites to Henry Moore and Francis Bacon.

There is the availability of the Grand Park London Paddington Hotel. Saying here you can at best visit the great London sites by the bank of River Thames. At Tate Modern you find the impressive works of the famous artist with the name JMW Turner. Some of the Clore galleries are best stuffed with plenty of Turner’s work and this is the greatest presentation of the nation by the dedicated artist. Now, it is time to talk about the Palace of Westminster by the bank of River Thames.

Once you move through few hundred years from the destination of Lambeth Bridge you can get to see the familiar shape of the Palace of Westminster. The other name given to the place is the Houses of Parliament. This is the right place to watch for the great Victorian Gothic edifice given shape by Augustus Pugin. This is a vital thing to see for people and visitors in London. The exterior of the palace is highly spectacular and this one is bookended by means of The Victorian Tower.

If you move to the southern end of the palace you can discover the Elizabeth Tower. This is famous as the Big Ben in the entire world. This stands to the north of the place. This is the place where you can visit to meet with your favorite MP. However, it would be right if you make an appointment in advance. It is great to conduct tours within the interior of the palace at the time when the House is in recession and this is applicable in most of the Saturdays. In case you are not sure you can take the help of the Blue Badge Tourist Guide tour and this will make the most of the visit to the place.

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